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They are a rogues gallery of the most notorious despots in recent history. From Hitler to Saddam Hussein, from Stalin to Kim Jong-il of North Korea, from Chairman Mao to Colonel Gaddafi...
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Scream Street is a 52 x 11 minute, funny, scary, gross-out stop-motion animation show. A fast-paced, stylish, comedy-horror extravaganza, based on the hit book series, following Luke Watson: a regular teen… apart from the werewolf gene!
Pediatrician Dr. Valerie Klein is 1,32m tall and the only person at the children’s hospital in Stuttgart who sees eye to eye with her patients. Her life is anything but easy: her daughter is in the middle of puberty...
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Right up until 15,000 years ago our planet was inhabited by millions of mammoths.
When a famous Danish gender activist and owner of Copenhagen’s first gender-neutral children's nursery is found murdered in Malmö, Saga is assigned to the case, together with a new colleague...
Come and meet Coconut, the Little Dragon. Based on best-selling books (over 6 million sold worldwide) the adventures of Coconut and his friends now come to life in a wonderful new animated series. Life is not always easy on Dragon Island – Coconut has flying problems, Oscar is the only vegetarian in his family and Matilda has no say as a porcupine on Dragon Island anyway.
'The Game Begins! The Big Show for 3 to 99', in which a team of celebrities takes up the challenges posed by a variety of games.
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