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What happened to trainloads worth of Nazi-gold at the end of WW2? How much truth is in the idea that Hitler’s personal physician was gradually poisoning him with medication?...
World explorer Augustus Skinner has died! The fate of the world now lies in the hands of four young teens.
“The Fall” is the first investigative series toplining Gillian Anderson since her career-making turn as Agent Scully in “The X Files”.
Germany’s hardest quiz has challengers duking it out against five great experts in a direct duel of knowledge...
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What were the Vikings really like? What did the Romans accomplish? And do the singular achievements of the ancient Greeks live on in us today?
An attaching hero, a rich universe… wild humor… anchoring in video games well-known by children… that’s the recipe for Marcus Level!
Before dying, the owner of a popular B&B stipulates that her quarrelsome children run the place together for a year, or there’s no inheritance...
When do aspiring young songwriting talents get a chance like this! In the contest format “Your Song” youngsters up to the age of 18 have a chance to present their original songs to a TV audience. Each year, hundreds of youths join the contest...
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For thousands of years, Neanderthals roamed the earth: but in a flash, they disappeared from history...
Neverland is really and truly threatened. That dastardly Captain Hook has hatched terrifying plans, therefore, our young heroes, Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael and the Lost Kids, are in for some new, thrilling adventures!
Best-selling author writes exclusively for ZDF’s Herzkino romantic film special. Two films have already been produced.
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If they come, they won’t come in peace. And that’s just what happens when Aliens invade Earth...
Welcome to the wonderful world of Q Pootle 5! Out there…amongst the millions and billions of stars is a little planet called Okidoki.
Experience nature when it thinks no one's looking! Click here to enter the B2B site !
‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’ is an action–packed adventure series about teenage ‘danger magnet’ Sam Fox as he braves the wilds from open ocean to deepest jungle.
The body of a woman is found in the middle of the Øresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Half the body belongs to a Swedish politician and the other half to a Danish prostitute.
Watch ZDF Enterprises' latest factual showreel!
Ex-cash register Knight Rusty thinks he’s the bravest, coolest knight in all of Scrapland. But he’s really a show-off with a big mouth, who constantly overestimates himself.
With its quick-fire guessing rounds, this timeless quiz show brings celebrities together to play against the clock in competitions full of laughter and suspense.