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Planet der Vulkane

Every 24 hours, 30 volcanoes erupt around the planet. This is the story of the people and wildlife that live alongside them, and their essential role in our world.

Each volcano has a unique story to tell, and we start our journey at sunrise in Hawaii as lava spews into the ocean. In Vanuatu, we join daredevil explorers descending into an active volcano to study the extremes of life, and in Ecuador, we meet scientists saving the rarest frogs in the world hiding in a volcanic refuge. In Italy, we explore how the humble goat might help predict the next eruption before revealing the importance of volcanoes to the entire biosphere of our planet. Throughout the film, we discover that volcanoes, although destructive, are also life-givers.

Life has not only found a way to survive in their shadows, but also thrive despite the risks.


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1 × 50′
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True to Nature in association with ZDF Enterprises, Thirteen Productions LLC for WNET, ZDF and Arte