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König Laurin

“King Laurin” is a feature film, based on a famous South Tyrolean legend about dwarf King Laurin and his enchanted rose garden. Many years ago dwarfs and humans lived peacefully together in one kingdom ruled by human King Dietrich. When Dietrich’s wife died from tragic belladonna poisoning, Dietrich blamed the dwarfs as they were responsible for the royal gardens. He therefore banned all dwarfs and from that day onwards no more plants grew in the kingdom. Dietrich as the sole ruler is respected and feared by all - unlike his son Theo who is far too short for his age. Nevertheless, Theo dreams of being a great conqueror like his father one day. But when he once again loses a physical competition he runs away to the mountains and accidently falls into a steep ravine. To his surprise he is saved by the dwarf King Laurin who takes him to his rose garden. First being skeptical about each other, they develop an unlikely friendship. But after Theo steals King Laurin’s magical power belt to win in a knight’s tournament, everything gets out of control …


1 × 85′
4 × 22′
Produziert von
Sparkling Pictures
Broschüre (730.69 KB)


  • Goldener Spatz
  • Children Media Prize „White Elephant“