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Die Erben der NachtStaffel 1 – Folge 5

Nicu and his mom also arrive in Italy. Nicu still hasn’t forgiven Calvina for lying to him about the Redmasks. He takes off to find himself something to read. Dracula recovers another Ruby - the Tova; so now he can move under water… On the ship the newcomers turn out to be Ivy and Seymour. Vampires from the, thought to be extinct, Lycana clan. Seymour is stuck in his wolf-shape so he lives with the other animals below deck, but Ivy can go to class. Alisa asks her to sit next to her, she can relate to feeling out of place. But Alisa is not ready to share her secrets when Ivy asks her about a drawing of a knot Alisa made. Neither is Ivy. She really likes Alisa but as we discover; Ivy and Seymour are on the ship to get back the Lycana ruby Tonka is using… Alisa wants to find out more about Dracula and the Knot and goes into town - to the Library. Just as she finds a book on Dracula she bumps into Nicu. They reconnect again and since this was clearly meant to be Nicu asks Alisa to have dinner together. They have a lovely time, but Lars - who sees all this, does not like it one bit and returns to the ship. There Ivy is waiting for Alisa. Lars gives her the news Alisa doesn’t have time for her. In the restaurant Tonka - who has bitten a waitress to use her uniform - steals the book on Dracula away from Alisa. Screams, commotion, Alisa and Nicu try to escape from all this panic…


1 × 26′
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Lemming Film, Hamster Film, Maze Pictures, Maipo Film and ZDF Enterprises
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