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Anthropozän - Naturgewalt Mensch

The Earth – a unique planet full of beauty and wonder: our home. A complex mix of natural cycles and resources combined in a delicate balance that enables life as we know it, including our staggering population of 7 billion human beings. But our home is in trouble, not least through our own actions.. It’s why this age in the history of Earth is sometimes referred to as the Anthropocene – the epoch when human impact became so significant, it began to change the planet’s own systems.

Our planet Earth offers us a rich and diverse home through its unique set of resources and its situation within our solar system … but we can’t take it for granted. This three-part series is about presenting inventive and fascinating scientific and societal solutions to the greatest problems humanity has ever faced. It’s about telling the story of the Anthropocene, about showing how humans have changed Earth’s systems to their own detriment and how we can forge new ways for the future while showcasing the astonishing beauty of our home.