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Living with My ExStaffel 2 – Folge 3

Suvianna is sad because she still hasn’t gotten pregnant. She tells Arto that she suspects Azor is holding himself back, even though they’ve agreed to have children. She asks Arto to discuss the subject with Azor, since there’s proof that Arto is a skilled creator of life: he has managed to father two children. Arto doesn’t know how to say no to Suvianna. Suvianna is worried about the things that are taught at Tähtisumu’s preschool. Arto and Azor’s conversation about impregnating a woman goes well, and Suvianna and Azor try to make a baby with new vigor.

At school Viivi hears her classmates pity her because of her boring vlog. Viivi meets with her old best friend Sofia and tells her that she likes her new school and that boys like her. Viivi meets a family who is moving into the joined homes: Vue’s aunt Hanna, her ex-husband Paavo and their physically disabled son Aapo. Vue would like to play with Viivi, but Viivi tells her she doesn’t play anymore. Viivi is in a hurry to delete her boring vlog but doesn’t get to it in the evening. She fakes being sick so that she can finish the task with time. Oona gives her permission to stay home and get well. Alvari meets his girlfriend Nelli’s new high school friends who are artistic and eccentric; he discusses politics and society with them and feels insecure and like an outsider. Alvari decides to become a vegetarian like Nelli.

To Laura’s great relief, Michael Rank travels back to the US. The morning of his departure, Laura ends up in an embarrassing situation when Michael stalks her in a taxi in front of her work. Anna sees Michael and Laura hug and assumes they’ve spent the night together. Laura denies her assumption but tells Anna that Michael’s crush on her made her feel very uncomfortable. Laura is a busy person, so she has hired a cleaner. As she’s showing the cleaner around, they bump into Viivi, who’s playing sick. Laura has heated discussions with her children. She and Viivi talk about skipping school. With Alvari, she talks about the right to hire a cleaner and about capitalism. She also argues with Kalle and Oona. Laura decides to get a breath of fresh air and go for a walk, but the frail shoelaces on her running shoes snap in the yard. Paavo comes. He always has cable ties in his pocket and uses them to tie Laura’s running shoes.


1 × 45′
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Dionysos Films / Riina Hyytiä, Leena Mäenpää-Bentley
Miia Nuutila, Annaleena Sipilä, Jarkko Pajunen, Mikko Nousiainen, Essi Hellén, Saija Lentonen, Samuli Niittymäki, Pertti Sveholm, Jonna Järnefelt a.o.
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