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Living with My ExStaffel 2 – Folge 12

Arto buys Rakel’s joined home and moves in with Suvianna and little Cassiopeia, Suvianna’s baby boy. The boy’s naming ceremony is held in the forest. Moonika arrives with Suvianna’s father. Suvianna isn’t interested in getting to know him. Rakel gatecrashes the ceremony and knocks down the party tent when she hears that Moonika is in a relationship with Suvianna’s father.

Viivi is taking an art course taught by Paavo. Alisa, a girl from her class, is participating in the course, and they get to know each other better. When Laura comes to pick the girls up and take them to the beach, Paavo is invited to come along. Viivi is severely embarrassed when Paavo and Laura draw sketches of each other on the beach. Laura stays home with Alvari when Viivi, Oona and Kalle go on a trip. Laura goes out in the yard to barbecue with Paavo; Hanna and Aapo are also traveling. Paavo invites Laura to his house in the country where they cut trees. They end up in bed.

Alvari stays home alone while Laura is in the country cutting trees. He plucks up his courage and invites Ilona over. Ilona interprets the invitation as an invitation to a party and brings her friends with her. Alvari is turned down when he tries to kiss Ilona, but he’s happy when she stays the night.

Angelos Kouros goes on a date with Sini-Marja, but the noise from Alvari’s party disturbs his lovemaking and he has trouble performing. Sini-Marja is no longer interested when she notices that he has an unpleasant personality and is not very well endowed.

Piritta travels abroad to work for Dentists Without Borders, and tells Jussi that he’s free. Jussi, however, wants to wait for his love to return.

Antti and Reija have a surprise when Antti goes to sign a book deal and hears from Maiju that he’s the father of Maiju’s daughter Miina.


1 × 45′
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Dionysos Films / Riina Hyytiä, Leena Mäenpää-Bentley
Miia Nuutila, Annaleena Sipilä, Jarkko Pajunen, Mikko Nousiainen, Essi Hellén, Saija Lentonen, Samuli Niittymäki, Pertti Sveholm, Jonna Järnefelt a.o.
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