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Living with My ExStaffel 2

Living with My Ex, the hit show that garnered a million viewers on MTV3, is now in its second season, which premiered on C More in the summer of 2018. This comedy drama series directed and written by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, also known for the TV series Klikkaa mua and the film 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage, tells about families who move into an apartment building designed to fit the needs of divorced families with children. In Season 2 we see what’s going on in the lives of the old residents while getting to know a bunch of new ones. The beginning of Season 2 picks up a year and a half after the last episode of Season 1. The residents of Season 1 have adapted to life after divorce and the shock reactions that come in the first stages of divorce are gone. But this new phase in life comes with new challenges; expanding divorced families and navigating the twists and turns of new love are at the core. One new divorced couple moves into the building: Hanna and Paavo with their physically disabled teenage son Aapo. Through this family, we see a variation of fresh divorce in Season 2. The parents of the family are played by Karoliina Blackburn and Eero Ritala. Laura Kekkonen tries to find a balance between career and motherhood, and tries to turn her idealistic idea of a happy divorce into reality. Unfortunately Laura isn’t immune to the feelings of envy that Kalle and Oona’s love on the other side of the wall awakens in her. Viivi is going through the pains of prepubescence, and Alvari has learned to talk—at least about politics. Reija and Antti have gotten back together but their lives are still as busy as ever, even though their kids Sara and Markus have moved out. Two one-year-olds, Reija and Antti’s Reino and Sini-Marja and Antti’s Luukas, guarantee that the family has no trouble finding things to do in their free time. The family does, however, have their share of financial trouble. Suvianna is still in a relationship with Azor and lives in the bigger half of her apartment. Tuomas has moved to the countryside with Sara to grow rutabagas and farm sheep, making Tähtisumu a preschool child of divorce living in two homes. Tuomas’s father Erik lives in his son’s former apartment and has become a hermit after Rakel left him. Arto and Suvianna’s friendship and joint business have deepened, but even though Arto accepts Azor’s existence and is happy that he can at last be Suvianna’s friend, he’s not interested in any other woman. Piritta is blossoming with her young boyfriend Jussi but she worries about the effects of menopause and mental restlessness. Piritta would like to find herself and her path before it’s too late. Season 2 will offer both therapeutic laughter and comforting tears in the story as well as in the audience.


12 × 45′
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Dionysos Films / Riina Hyytiä, Leena Mäenpää-Bentley
Miia Nuutila, Annaleena Sipilä, Jarkko Pajunen, Mikko Nousiainen, Essi Hellén, Saija Lentonen, Samuli Niittymäki, Pertti Sveholm, Jonna Järnefelt a.o.
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