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London Kills

The world’s most exciting city is the backdrop for a series of murders — all investigated by an elite murder squad. This specialist group is headed by hugely experienced Detective Inspector David Bradford. He has just come back to work after compassionate leave — his wife has been missing for three months. David’s team is comprised of ambitious Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole who plays by her own rules, seasoned crime-solver Detective Constable Rob Brady and inexperienced Trainee Detective Constable Billie Fitzgerald.

As the detectives solve each murder case — the staged suicide of an MP’s son, the mysterious death of a man at his bachelor party, a killing on a houseboat, a woman’s body washed up by the Thames, and the stabbing of one of his own team — the one case David can’t solve is the one most personal to him. Where is his wife?


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2 x (5 x 60’)
10 Episoden in 2 Staffeln
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PGMTV für Acorn Media Enterprises
Hugo Speer, Sharon Small, Bailey Patrick, Tori Allen-Martin, Jennie Jacques
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