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Everything I don't Remember

A young man is killed in a car accident, and a mother’s world is turned upside down. Especially when she is told that her son might have crashed his car on purpose. She becomes obsessed with finding out the truth: why did her 25 year old son Samuel die? Her quest leads her to the two people who were closest to Samuel prior to his death: his best friend Vandad, a
violent hoodlum with a big secret, and Laide, a successful high society business lawyer. As they share two different sides of the “truth” with her, she unravels a dramatic and bizarre love triangle with Samuel caught in the crossfire between two equally strong forces pulling him in opposite directions. A tug of war with fatal consequences for all those involved. Everything I don’t remember is an epic love story and a suspenseful mystery that begs the question: can we ever find the truth about a human being?


  • In Produktion
2 × 90′
3 × 60′
Produziert von
Black Spark & Kärnfilm Production AB
Armand Mirpour, Siham Shurafa, Pablo Levia Wenger, Pernilla August, Anita Ekström a. o.