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Aerial AmericaAerial New York

There’s nothing like a day in the life of New York City, from above. Take a ride with the cameras of Aerial America as they soar directly over narrow Midtown towers that appear to defy gravity. Discover some of the surprising ways New Yorkers live, play, and work… from hundreds performing group yoga in Bryant Park, to thousands at play on the beach in Coney Island, to the subway yards that help keep New York City running and never close. Visit an FDNY training center on Randall’s Island as our cameras document New York’s bravest, cutting through rooftops and dangling over burning buildings. Aerial America captures the city a famous writer once called, “a magnificent jewel”, ablaze in the middle of the night... and the workers, some atop one of the tallest building spires in the world, laser focused on the job… helping improve the city they love. Marvel as tons of steel are hoisted hundreds of feet into the air, as workers inside massive tower cranes race to complete the 3 World Trade Center building in Lower Manhattan. Witness why America’s largest metropolis never stops working, running, or thrilling in Aerial New York!


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1 × 60′
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Eine Tusker Television Produktion für Smithsonian Networks