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ZDF Enterprises takes on distribution mandate for KiKa’s preschool time slot "KiKANiNCHEN"

Mainz, 8th April 2015

With immediate effect, ZDF Enterprises will be distributor of all KiKANiNCHEN rights. The mandate covers all German-speaking European countries and besides traditional licensing also includes the audio & video sector.

KiKA has been bundling its programme for preschool children under the umbrella brand KiKANiNCHEN since 5 October 2009. This means that "KiKANiNCHEN”, KiKA’s preschool programme, has been accompanying the youngest viewers from the age of three upwards on their first encounters with TV and the Internet for more than five years. The programming (Monday - Friday, 6.10 am - 10.25 am) is especially tailored to the youngest viewers. Stories and join-in activities with Kikaninchen and his grown-up friends Christian, Anni and Jule are featured throughout this time slot. They are the hosts of this exciting, varied and entertaining TV offer. It also includes daily rituals that structure the programming, for example starting off the morning show with the KiKANiNCHEN song.

ZDF Enterprises has been acting as general agency for the marketing of ARD and ZDF’s children’s channel since 2012 and represents the marketing rights for all productions to which KiKA holds the rights. Accepting the mandate for KiKANiNCHEN therefore perfectly rounds off its marketing portfolio. The KiKANiNCHEN brand is of excellent quality in terms of content and has proved to have enormous marketing potential. KiKANiNCHEN has established itself as a quality brand not only on TV but also in the license market and enjoys a very high level of acceptance.

71% of the target group is familiar with KiKANiNCHEN, and the film sequences featuring the blue rabbit are among the Top 5 favourite TV shows in the KiKANiNCHEN programme slot.* In five years of KiKANiNCHEN, the pre-school programme has succeeded in increasing its range by 30 %. The market shares in this morning programme slot have also increased by more than one third to an average of 30.2 % among 3 to 5 year-olds.** This development significantly contributes to ensuring that KiKA continues to lead the competitive field and that it was able to maintain its unbroken market leadership among preschool children in 2014 (annual market share 31.8 %).*** And online? is among the top 3 favourite websites of 3 to 5 year-olds.

Further expansion of the high-quality licensed programme is planned. In particular, the quality, credibility and ability of the licensed products to communicate knowledge in a playful manner will play a major role. ZDFE will present KiKANiNCHEN to the licensing sector for the first time on 16.04.2015 at the DAY OF LICENSING 2015 in Cologne. “Dibedibedab. Let’s be friends!”.

*Source: iconkids & youth - Representative multi-topic survey on behalf of KiKA among mothers of 3 to 5 year-olds (n=362 or n=258) – Dec 2014, preschool children surveyed through their mothers, results in %.

**Source: AGF in cooperation with GfK, TV scope 6.0, Mon-Fri, 05.10.13-04.10.14, 6.50 am - 10.25 am or 05.10.14-01.03.15, 6.10 am - 10.15 am versus 05.10.08-04.10.09, children 3-5 years, number of viewers in millions, market share in %.

***Source: AGF in cooperation with GfK, TV scope 5.2, KiKa, 2014, 6 am - 9 pm, children 3-5 years, market share in %.

****Source: iconkids & youth - Representative multi-topic survey on behalf of MDR, ZDF and KiKA among mothers of 3 to 5 year-olds (n=28) – Oct 2014, preschool children surveyed through their mothers, % results on the basis of first to fifth mention.


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