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ZDF Enterprises’ takes new Digital Specials to MIPCOM

“Planet Egypt”, “Dawn of the Ocean”, “The Berlin Wall” and “South Africa” web specials and iPad app now available

Mainz, 29th October 2011

ZDF Enterprises offers not only a wealth of television programs, but also a number of Digital Specials that can be used either as companion material to TV broadcasts or as stand-alone sites for all users. These specials – some of which have already won awards – are conceived for all media and provide more info, more interaction, more fun and more video material to enhance the programs and platforms of media professionals.

The “Planet Egypt” 360° web special takes users on a voyage to Ancient Egypt and lets them actively discover some of the secrets of the world’s first great civilization. The budding archaeologist can go on missions to decrypt hieroglyphics, crack the image code in the Valley of the Kings, learn the
techniques of mummification and the science of temple construction. The user can also create a personalized avatar and share his successful missions with his friends via Facebook or animated e-cards.

ZDF Enterprises’ acclaimed three-part documentary “Dawn of the Ocean” now lets internet users discover the habitats of the ocean dwellers in an informative and entertaining 3D web special, “Ocean Worlds”. Budding aquanauts can plunge into an interactive underwater world and slip into the skin of a variety of creatures, thus becoming acquainted with life in the depths of the sea, and the threats posed to it by humans. Enhanced with attractive CGI animation, the Web Special can be used in traditional 2D or 3D.

Also available via Apple iTunes is the ‘Dawn of the Ocean’ iPad app. The content is based on “Dawn of the Ocean” and the associated, multiple-award-winning web content (bronze winner of the 2011 Serious Games Award, nominated for the 2011 Golden Camera). The app lets users assume the role of five different marine species (whale, shark, turtle, tuna, deep-sea crab) and explore their habitats at first hand. On this virtual voyage of discovery, users gain fascinating insights into how marine life coexists in the ocean’s highly complex ecosystem. “Dawn of the Ocean” puts everything in context and provides substantive information on the topic of oceans, attractively packaged in game format but scientifically correct. With expert input from the writers and producers of the ZDF TV series and scientific advisers, the app incorporates the very latest knowledge on ocean life.

The web special of “The Wall” has already received numerous awards. It lets users discover various aspects of the decades-long separation of Germany by the Iron Curtain. The journey begins with an info-graphic depicting West Berlin surrounded by the Wall. The Wall is shown in various stages of its existence: from chain-link fence to border with death strips. Hot spots inform the user about particular facets of the divided Germany. And short films illustrate themes such as a successful escape, the "Stasi State" GDR, the fall of the Wall on 9 November 1989...

The makers of the web special “South Africa” have carved a well-balanced, easily graspable introduction to this fascinating country out of a mountain of complex data. By rolling the mouse over the colorful info-graphic, the user activates hot spots with audio tags that invite one to click and watch a short video or read interesting facts on the topic in question. Among the facets of the “Rainbow Nation” explored here are apartheid, diamonds, safety, Cape Town, the Kruger Park and Nelson Mandela.

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