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ZDF Enterprises reports huge international sales of “The Spying Game: Tales from the Cold War”

Mainz, 22nd November 2018

ZDF Enterprises has successfully sold the 4K production “The Spying Game: Tales from the Cold War” (3x50’) to Foxtel Australia, SVT Sweden, Czech TV, AETN UK for sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa, as well as Discovery for Poland.

The three-part series was produced by ZDF Digital Medienproduktion in cooperation with ZDF Enterprises for ZDFinfo and ZDF Enterprises holds the global distribution rights. It investigates how during the Cold War, a period of mounting tensions between East and West, the superpowers mobilised thousands of spies to uncover the secrets of the enemy. The documentary reveals intentions and motives of the societal opponents and questions to what extent spies, weapons scouts or traitors kept the Cold War cold.

Because sound knowledge about the capability of the adversary becomes essential during this period. Intelligence on the number of intercontinental missiles and their range is worth billions. The hunger for information intensifies with the tensions from 1958 and Western secret services target rearmament in the GDR.

“The Spying Game” explains in crystal clear 4K that West Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service struggles to deploy its civilian spies against highly specialised military missions and that demands are increasing. And the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 also brings no relief. The USA arms the Mujahideen; NATO fuels Moscow fears that the command post exercise “Able Archer” is in fact the start of the first NATO nuclear strike.

This compelling production analyses both substantively and figuratively the historic processes in detail, openly addresses the everyday risks, and examines the societal consequences of a highly complex political situation in which the secret services are under immense strain and must permanently be on their guard against betrayal. Not without reason and the outcome is not as you’d think: only a double-agent helps to finally resolve the crisis and clears up dangerous misunderstandings.


About ZDF Enterprises

ZDF Enterprises was founded in 1993 as a commercial subsidiary of ZDF, one of the largest and most renowned TV broadcasters in Europe. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the worldwide sale of programs, the making of international coproductions, the acquisition of licenses as well as the merchandising of strong program brands in its own name, for the ZDF, and for third parties. ZDF Enterprises has successfully established itself as an independent market player on the German and international stage. Bound into a strong group, the company manages the largest German-language stock of programs in the world and, next to this, a continuously growing portfolio of international productions consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programs. In the course of the development and diversification process carried out up to now, many business fields in the television and media domains were made accessible in the ZDF Enterprises group. Thus ZDF Enterprises can provide a comprehensive, full-service offering today, and covers every step in the chain of origin and exploitation of successful TV programs, from development to production and up to the marketing of TV licenses, merchandising rights, online rights and much more.

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Christine Denilauler

Christine Denilauler

Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications

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