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ZDF Enterprises reports first sales of „Darwin’s Secret“

Documentary reveals secret behind Theory of Evolution

Mainz, 21st June 2018

ZDF Enterprises, in charge of the worldwide distribution of the documentary “Darwin’s Secret“ (1x50‘ HD), reports first sales of the program to Smithsonian Networks and The History Channel Australia.

“Darwin’s Secret” is the first production on the true story behind the 1831-1836 epic journey of British survey barque HMS Beagle. Without this voyage, Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution would never have come about.

Produced by InspiraTV’s Jürgen Stumpfhaus, historian and documentary filmmaker, for ZDF’s renowned Terra X slot and coproduced by ZDF Enterprises, “Darwin’s Secret” reveals the secret mission of the HMS Beagle – a voyage that changed the world. Captain FitzRoy is at her helm and among those on board is an unknown young 22-year-old student from Cambridge, serving as the ship’s scientific officer. His name: Charles Darwin.

The story behind this journey would form the basis for Darwin’s ground-breaking Theory of Evolution. It would become a game-changer in science and forge our current thinking about the Earth and life on it. Yet the fact that Darwin was on this ship at all was almost by accident. The young scholar himself only realized on board the ship that he was the façade for a secret experiment. This is the story of Tierra del Fuego native Indian Jemmy Button and the tragic fate of his people. It traces an extraordinary journey to the ends of the world, to the roots of Darwin’s theory, where it all began with the theft of a surveying vessel.

Now, a new expedition traces the historic route of the HMS Beagle to lift the lid on a secret: the sailing ship SY Santa Maria Australis is set to follow the Beagle’s celebrated route to the very tip of South America. On board: Michael Robert FitzRoy, a direct descendent of the famous captain, and the well-known American author Peter Nichols, who wrote “Evolutions Captain” about the fateful historical expedition. Three leading scientists, the Chilean anthropologist Prof. Francisco Rothammer, the leading bio-geneticist Prof. Lars Fehren-Schmitz of the University of Santa Cruz in the US, and the British Marine historian Prof. Andrew Lambert of Kings College London, are also part of the team and set on finding answers to Darwin’s questions and uncovering an incredible, as yet untold story. Combined with gripping re-enactments filmed at the original locations in Tierra del Fuego and the UK, fascinating contributions from world-experts and new scientific insights, this is an incredible insight into the dawn of a new scientific era.


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Officers of the HMS Beagle surveying the unknown coast of Tierra del Fuego. They are looking for a new sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific to avoid the dangerous Cape Horn. COPYRIGHT: ZDF/Jürgen Stumpfhaus
The theft of the survey boat of the HMS Beagle becomes the trigger of a drama. COPYRIGHT: ZDF/Jürgen Stumpfhaus
Tierra del Fuego Indians discover the HMS Beagle on their tribal territory. COPYRIGHT: ZDF/Jürgen Stumpfhaus
The Tierra del Fuego Natives, the Yamana Indians.