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ZDF Enterprises presents its MIPCOM 2012 highlights

Star power meets story power in impressive line-up

Mainz, 18th September 2012.

ZDF Enterprises, the sales and distribution arm of German pubcaster ZDF, is announcing a strong line-up of new productions in principal genres scripted drama, factual entertainment and family fare for this fall’s TV industry trade fair MIPCOM (Cannes, 8 – 11 October).

The three genre highlights are “Wolfblood” in junior, “The Fall” in drama and “Rocket City Rednecks” in factual.  The ZDF Enterprises booth no. 21.02 - 23.01 at MIPCOM will be entirely decorated in “Wolfblood”-style.

The young people’s portfolio features two outstanding new productions. The CBBC, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises coproduction “Wolfblood” (26 x 26’ HD) will be making its international debut at MIPCOM. The atmospheric but upbeat new live-action series for kids aged 8 to 12 is poised to capture the attention of millions of young vampire and werewolf enthusiasts around the world. The series revolves around two teens in a small English town who are wolfbloods, meaning they can shift between wolf form and human form.

The Red Kite (U.K.) and ZDF Enterprises coproduction “Wendy” (26 x 26’) is a bonanza for female viewers between 6 and 10, and contains adventure, fun, friends and teen romance in an equestrian setting – everything that young girls love! Based on hit comic books that have been popular for over 20 years, the 3D animated series follows the daily life of 15-year-old Wendy, who lives at her father’s riding school and stud farm.

Also ready for delivery is the third season of Australian Werner Films’ “Dance Academy” (13 x 26’ / HD), in which Tara tours through Australia to perform and teach dancing to youngsters. She makes experiences, however, that will cause her to take a different look at her dream career.

Among the new fiction programs being launched at MIPCOM is “The Fall” (5 x 60’ or 3 x 90’ / HD), Gillian Anderson toplines her first investigative series since her career-making turn as Agent Scully in “The X Files.” The Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award winner plays one of two “hunters” in this Belfast-based crime series: high-powered Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson. Her counterpart is serial killer Paul Spector, who preys randomly on the city’s frightened population. The miniseries is produced by Artists Studio.

“Reef Doctors” (13 x 60’) a visually spectacular medical serial that takes place on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Developed by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, it represents a new direction in primetime viewing for the Australian children’s blockbuster producer (“H2O”), who is also welcoming lead actress Lisa McCune (“Sea Patrol”) among his coproducers (which include ZDF Enterprises). McCune plays a physician and venom researcher who runs a clinic on Hope Island in the Great Barrier Reef.

Several new crime series will be vying for attention among international buyers, including the innovative new miniseries “Crime:Stories” (6 x 45’) based on actual criminal cases handled in the law practice of author and attorney Ferdinand von Schirach. Schirach published a book of short stories detailing the cases, whose rights were sold in more than 30 countries, including the U.S. and the U.K. The focus of Shirach’s stories is less the crime itself than the motives behind it. Produced by Moovie - the art of entertainment, the miniseries stars Josef Bierbichler in the recurring lead role of attorney Friedrich Leonhardt.

Factual series continue to enthrall viewers with their rivetingly edited but absolutely unstaged adventures of men, and a few women, facing gigantic obstacles in their jobs and their private lives. The challenges can be very curious, as in “Rocket City Rednecks” (10 x 60’), originally produced for  National Geographic Channel and distributed by ZDF Enterprises, where redneck geniuses apply backwoods know-how to big questions in science, technology and engineering.

Also new at MIPCOM is “See the Invisible” (2 x 50’ / HD), produced by doc.station, which uses the latest high-speed cameras to show us movements that are thousands of times faster than our eyes can normally register. 

A new addition to the law & order factual series, “Navajo Cops” (7 x 50’ / HD), produced by Flight 33 Productions, takes us on a patrol of the largest Indian Reservation in North America, a 17-million-acre area where law is enforced by a mere 330 officers. Modern-day crime meets ancient culture in the American West.

Fans of the now popular factual police series will welcome the third season of the National Geographic Channel production “Alaska State Troopers” (13 x 50’ / HD), distributed by ZDF Enterprises, where we set out in trucks, boats, planes, choppers and snow machines to follow the Troopers on their missions.

In the second season of “Hard Time” (8 x 50’ / HD), it’s back to prison for the faithful fans of this moving and often harrowing documentary about men and women in maximum-security prisons in the U.S. This time we’re in an Ohio penitentiary ruled by gangs and simmering with violence.


About ZDF Enterprises

Founded in 1993, ZDF Enterprises GmbH is the wholly-owned subsidiary and commercial arm of ZDF German Television Network, one of Europe's largest and most respected broadcasters. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the development, production and global distribution of quality original programming. The company is also responsible for all program acquisitions and international co-productions on behalf of the network, and acquires programming for world-wide distribution. Its vast program library ranks as the largest in the German  language. The extensive catalogue includes television movies and mini-series, drama series and comedies, documentaries, family entertainment and children's programming. ZDF Enterprises also  oversees all licensing and merchandising activities based on its high-profile programs, including book and music publishing and the licensing of its program properties in all key product categories. Committed to the future, ZDF Enterprises has embarked on numerous New Media initiatives, ranging from opportunities within the burgeoning e-commerce industry to the creation of themed edutainment dimensions featuring the recognized program brands with which ZDF has become synonymous.

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