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ZDF Enterprises offers broad portfolio at the Licensing Forum Munich

Focal point on children's and youth programs

ZDF Enterprises will be bringing many program highlights to the Licensing.Forum at Munich's Praterinsel on 23 and 24 September 2004.

The extensive merchandising portfolio comprises the ZDF's complete program brands: next to proven and classical licensing themes such as the "Little Mainz Men," many new programs will be presented at the Licensing.Forum.

The focal points are in the fields of programs for children and youths. Among the highlights are characters such as "Basil Brush" from Great Britain, as well as the youth series "Scooter: Super Special Agent," a further coproduction of ZDF Enterprises and he renowned Australian production firm Jonathan M. Shiff. This exciting series (26 x 26') with dazzling stunts and lavish special effects is a winning, action-packed and fun-filled espionage series for the entire family. Other highlights include the children's series "Rudi and Trudi," "Dragon," "Wicked Science" as well as classical ZDF characters such as the "Little Mainz Men," "Petty Pur" and "Löwenzahn." Moreover, the ZDF Enterprises team offers interested partners competent advice ranging from the analysis of suitable licensing topics to product development, production and distribution.

Says Peter Lang, department head of Merchandising and New Media: "The strengths of ZDF's licensing themes lie in the extraordinarily high acceptance and popularity of our characters. Especially in the children's domain we will surprise and delight new and existing customers with many high-quality new productions." As in the field of television, a great deal of attention is also paid in merchandising to the superior implementation of ideas. As Peter Lang says: "We are thus always in search of new partners."


Founded in 1993, ZDF Enterprises GmbH is the wholly-owned subsidiary and commercial arm of ZDF German Television Network, one of Europe's largest and most respected broadcasters.
Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the development, production and global distribution of quality original programming. The company is also responsible for all programme acquisitions and international co-productions on behalf of the network, and acquires programming for world-wide distribution. Its vast programme library ranks as the largest in the German language. The extensive catalogue includes television movies and mini-series, drama series and comedies, documentaries, family entertainment and children's programming.
ZDF Enterprises also oversees all licensing and merchandising activities based on its high-profile programmes, including book and music publishing and the licensing of its programme properties in all key product categories.

Committed to the future, ZDF Enterprises has embarked on numerous New Media initiatives, ranging from opportunities within the burgeoning e-commerce industry to the creation of themed edutainment dimensions featuring the recognised programme brands with which ZDF has become synonymous.

Contact ZDF Enterprises:

Christine Denilauler (Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications), ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Str. 9, D-55129 Mainz/Germany, tel. 0049 6131-991228, fax 0049 6131-991229, e-mail:


Christine Denilauler

Christine Denilauler

Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications

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