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ZDF Enterprises invests in 3D documentary “Cosmic Encounters”

World-premiere TV event with first 3D images from the ISS to be distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises

Mainz, 23rd July 2012

With “Cosmic Encounters” (1 x 52’), ZDF is investing in a further 3D documentary and thus continuing its successful strategy in the 3D domain for documentaries as well. The Mainz rights dealer will also be handling the worldwide sales of all rights for this outstanding production scheduled for completion in December 2012. The 52-minute documentary is produced for ARTE and ZDF by Prospect TV Production, Jürgen Hansen and Simone Stripp. “Encounter in Outer Space” is a TV world premiere – the first TV documentary worldwide with 3D images from the international space station ISS.

“Cosmic Encounters” relates one of mankind’s oldest dreams: to leave our planet behind and explore outer space – a dream that still fires the imagination of countless human beings to this day. “Encounter in Outer Space” takes the viewer on a journey into the fascinating world of space travel, with images of breathtaking beauty.

The film accompanies the Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers during his current mission on board the ISS. We observe the astronauts’ everyday life in weightlessness, which is abruptly interrupted by an unforeseen event – a situation which the ground control and the astronauts must react to. On earth, the young German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who was selected from more than 8000 candidates, is also getting ready for his mission to the ISS in May 2014. The film team spends several months accompanying him in his highly demanding training.

“Cosmic Encounters” takes the viewer to the mythical places of space travel, for example to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, to Houston or to the “Star Town” near Moscow, the legendary center of Soviet and Russian space programs. The film is not a purely scientific documentary, but follows the two protagonists André Kuipers and Alexander Gerst in their adventures and challenges which address a broad public.

This 3D documentary is an homage to generations of scientists, technicians and visionaries who have succeeded in making one of mankind’s oldest dreams come true and enabled the conquest of outer space. 3D also makes it possible to give the viewer the illusion of being in the midst of the action and of experiencing the events almost as if one were really there – a one-of-a-kind feeling. Up to now, excursions into outer space have only been undertaken by a few astronauts, cosmonauts and billionaires who could afford the 20-million-dollar fee for 10 days on board the ISS.


Über ZDF Enterprises
ZDF Enterprises wurde im Jahr 1993 als privatwirtschaftliche Tochtergesellschaft des ZDF, einem der größten und renommiertesten Fernsehsender Europas, gegründet. Mit Firmensitz in Mainz / Deutschland ist ZDF Enterprises im Auftrag des ZDF für den weltweiten Programmvertrieb, die Realisation internationaler Koproduktionen, den Lizenzankauf von Qualitätsprogrammen sowie das Merchandising von starken ZDF-Programmmarken zuständig. Neben der Geschäftstätigkeit für das ZDF konnte sich ZDF Enterprises als eigenständiger Marktteilnehmer im nationalen und internationalen Umfeld erfolgreich etablieren. In einem starken Verbund verfügt das Unternehmen über den größten deutschsprachigen Programmstock weltweit, bestehend aus Serien und Mini-Serien, Fernsehfilmen, Dokumentationen und Kinderprogrammen. Im Laufe des bisherigen Entwicklungs- und Diversifizierungsprozesses konnten im ZDF Enterprises-Verbund zahlreiche Geschäftsfelder im Fernseh- und Medienbereich erschlossen werden. So kann ZDF Enterprises heute ein umfassendes Full-Service-Angebot unterbreiten und deckt jede Stufe in der Entstehung- und Verwertungskette erfolgreicher TV-Produktionen ab, von der Entwicklung über die Produktion bis hin zur Vermarktung von Fernsehlizenzen, Merchandising- und Onlinerechten und vielem mehr.

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Alexander Gerst during astronaut training at the NASA in Houston

Survival training for astronauts, NASA / Houston

Alexander Gerst in Star City close to Moscow