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ZDF Enterprises distributes first ZDF 3D short documentary

“The Huber Brothers” – Scaling the steepest walls of the Tyrolean Alps (15’)

Mainz, 7 February 2012.

In June 2011, free-climbing pros Alexander and Thomas Huber set their sights on an extremely steep route in the Tyrolean Alps: project “Karma” was born, and ZDF documented the preparations and realization of this project featuring the two Bavarian brothers. The result is the first ZDF in-house documentary shot in native 3D. It was first shown in 3D on the Internet and aired in 2D on ZDF in October 2011. ZDF Enterprises is in charge of the worldwide sales of the program, which can be viewed in 3D and full length after registration for the ZDF Enterprises Online Screening at

The Huber Brothers have been superstars of the free-climbing scene for about ten years now, and still enjoy the thrill of the most extreme tours on the mountain walls of the Alps. This film shows the brothers confronting a wall that they were unable to scale without falls up to now, and which could perhaps become the most difficult route in the Alps: the “Karma” route near the Loferer Alm.

“This route also stands for our rope team as brothers, for all the conflicts we’ve had and the solutions we found,” says Thomas Huber, the elder of the two. Months of preparations for the first 3D mountain film involving both extreme climbers and cameramen were necessary in order to shoot this ZDF project using SinaCam, Panasonic HPX 2100 and GoProHero 3D. The film won the 3D Film Festival of 2011 in Liège, Belgium, and was named best 3D feature film at the GwangJu 3D KIFF Festival in South Korea. Further info and making-of material (in German language) under:

The following further 3D projects currently in preparation and to be distributed by ZDF Enterprises:

  • In Search of the Yacu-Mama: Giant Anaconda, available in fall 2012
    1x50' 3 D, production company: Blue Paw Artist, producer: Marion Pöllmann

    A huge sea monster is said to inhabit the Amazon basin. Its name strikes fear and respect in the hearts of the locals; they call it “Yacu-Mama,” mother of the water. They say it will suck up any living thing that passes. Even the powerful Jaguar only approaches the river banks cautiously. This film takes us on a journey deep into a remote part of the Amazon rainforest, on a quest to find the mythical beast, the biggest and most powerful snake in the world: the anaconda.

  • Blue Fin a.k.a. Life Stream - Odyssey of the Blue Fin Tuna, available in 2013
    1x80' 3 D, 1 x 50 2 D, production company: Wild Fury, producer: Bettina Dalton

    This blue-chip natural history film tells the story of the remarkable journey of a recently spawned southern blue fin tuna and the unique ocean current that assists in her journey to adulthood. A journey around half a continent, from vulnerable prey to one of the ocean´s most formidable hunters, and a climatic life-or-death struggle with twin perils: sharks and man.

  • The First War of the Machines, 3 x 50' 3 D, production company: Moers Media, producer: Peter Moers, available in 2014

    A century ago, planes, armored tanks and submarines were ridiculed and deemed irrelevant for use in battle. Yet the nation that was prepared to devote the funds and resources to developing the most advanced and effective war machine was the one likely to win the battle, and even the war. The “Great War” turned out to be a war of machines. A technical revolution was underway, one conducted in engineering firms as well as on battlefields. With an eye for details, this series of three films tells the story of an arms race carried out on land, in the water, and in the air.


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