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ZDF Enterprises brings truly international portfolio to MIPCOM

Productions from all over the world enhance broad range of products

Mainz, 18th September 2013

ZDF Enterprises, the sales and distribution arm of German broadcaster ZDF, is reaping the fruits of its steadily growing coproductions with partners from all over the world. With production values consistently increasing and innovative ideas flourishing, ZDF Enterprises is proud to be closely involved in the creative process of many exciting new programs.

It is adding a number of new programs to its four genre divisions – ZDFE.junior, ZDFE.drama, ZDFE.factual and ZDFE.entertainment – and is convinced that they will thrill the buyers at this fall’s TV industry trade fair MIPCOM (7 to 10 October in Cannes).

After successfully implementing and introducing the new operative structure of ZDF Enterprises, now based on four genre divisions at MIPTV in April, ZDF Enterprises is now presenting its remodeled and restructured website, which is sleeker, more modern and even easier to navigate.

The program highlights of ZDFE.junior comprise shows for kids of different age groups. Tweens are targeted by SAM FOX: EXTREME ADVENTURES (26 x 26‘ | HD), a live-action Australian series that chronicles the endless chain of unbelievable things that happen to an ordinary teenage boy.

Q POOTLE 5 (52 x 11’ | HD) will take pre-schoolers across the galaxy to a planet inhabited by cheerful, colorful little aliens. Produced for CBeebies, the series boasts groundbreaking CGI animation with strong co-viewing potential.

KNIGHT RUSTY (52 x 13‘ | HD | 3D) is an action-packed animation series aimed especially at children 6 to 10. The hero of the series thinks he’s the bravest knight in Scrapland, but it’s his friends – all constructed of junkyard scrap metal – who constantly get him out of trouble.

ZDFE.drama returns to the scene of the crime that gripped viewers not only in its production countries Sweden and Denmark, but also everywhere else where it was shown: BRON | BROEN aka THE BRIDGE (10 x 110’ or 20 x 60’ | HD), which also inspired a U.S. remake. The second season of the phenomenally successful series brings back the quirky, engaging Danish-Swedish investigative duo after deadly freight is discovered in a crewless ship on a collision course with the Öresund Bridge.

Set in Cardiff, Wales, is the dark-hued TALKING TO THE DEAD (1 x 90’ or 2 x 45’ | HD), which introduces a captivatingly original screen heroine who’s a rookie police inspector with a secret history of mental illness that has left her with a deep empathy for the dead. Based on a novel by Harry Bingham.

The Belgian production CLAN (10 x 50’ | HD) offers black humor at its best: five sisters who try to kill their brother-in-law but realize they’re not the only ones who want him dead...

The ZDFE.factual line-up traditionally includes the work of some of the finest documentary filmmakers in the world. For this MIPCOM we’re introducing a program made with the prestigious Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion of Cologne, COUNTDOWN TO A CATASTROPHE (3 x 50’ | HD). It’s a thought-provoking look at the interconnections between tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

The “archaeological thriller” LOST TREASURES OF THE SILK ROAD (1 x 50’ | HD) shows how envoys from the major Western powers were sent to China in the early 20th century to steal valuable cultural treasures...

Formats also constitute an important segment of ZDF Enterprises’ portfolio, and at this year’s MIPCOM, ZDFE.entertainment puts the focus on YOUR SONG (16 x 25’ + 1 x 100’), in which youngsters up to the age of 18 present their original songs to a TV audience in the hope of winning the coveted Songwriter of the Year Award.
Finally, the timeless quiz show DALLI DALLI pits teams of two celebrities against one another in competitions full of laughs and suspense.


About ZDF Enterprises
ZDF Enterprises was founded in 1993 as a commercial subsidiary of ZDF, one of the largest and most renowned TV broadcasters in Europe. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the worldwide sale of programs, the making of international coproductions, the acquisition of licenses as well as the merchandising of strong program brands in its own name, for ZDF, and for third parties. ZDF Enterprises has successfully established itself as an independent market player on the German and international stage. Bound into a strong group, the company manages the largest German-language stock of programs in the world and, next to this, a continuously growing portfolio of international productions consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programs. In the course of the development and diversification process carried out up to now, many business fields in the television and media domains were made accessible in the ZDF Enterprises group. Thus ZDF Enterprises can provide a comprehensive, full-service offering today, and covers every step in the chain of origin and exploitation of successful TV programs, from development to production and up to the marketing of TV licenses, merchandising rights, online rights and much more.

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Christine Denilauler (Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications), Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1, D-55127 Mainz/Germany, tel.: +49 6131-9911130, fax: +49 6131-9912130, e-mail:,


Christine Denilauler

Christine Denilauler

Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications

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