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ZDF Enterprises brings impressive line-up of programming highlights to MIPCOM

Complementing focus on children's series are high-caliber documentaries

Mainz, 11 October 2005.

ZDF Enterprises is offering its clients and partners a wealth of new programming highlights for the upcoming MIPCOM Junior and MIPCOM in Cannes.

Dr. Alexander Coridass, CEO of ZDF Enterprises: "At MIPCOM 2005, we're directing the spotlight on programs for children and youths. It's a demographic segment for which we have many second seasons of productions that have already been marketed successfully around the world. The pre-school series DRAGON II is a high-quality stop-motion animation based on the best-selling "Dragon Tales" by children's book author Dav Pilkey. In the animated pre-school series RUDI AND TRUDI, the famous ZDF crow Rudi has lots of adventures with his friend the cat Trudi. SPACE GOOFS II follows the amusingly loopy antics of five sweet and spaced-out aliens. And in WICKED SCIENCE II, a fast-paced live-action series, Toby and Elizabeth are back, traveling back in time, making people invisible and fighting for victory. The success of our programs shows that we have a nose for young people's series, and that we know just what international TV audiences want."

ZDF Enterprises also has a number of other aces up its sleeve in other genres as well: new documentaries on topics from recent history such as ATLANTROPA, THE SECRET FILES OF THE COLD WAR:UFOs, THE DRAMA OF DRESDEN, HITLER'S FAMILY; nature documentaries such as GUANACOS - WILD LLAMAS IN THIN AIR, LORD HOWE ISLAND and FLYING WITH CONDORS as well as two new programs on sharks. In the fiction domain, ZDF Enterprises is presenting new episodes of the crime series A CASE FOR TWO, COAST GUARD, SISKA, SOKO 5113 and LEIPZIG HOMICIDE, as well as new TV movies from the ROSAMUNDE PILCHER COLLECTION. ZDF Enterprises is also the exclusive representative of S4C's extensive documentary catalogue in the German-speaking territories.

ZDF Enterprises is also proud to introduce a new co-production project in the field of children's and youth programs, the animation series SHAOLIN WUZANG, in which the young Shaolin pupil fights against the hideous demon Heihu. Among the co-produced documentaries are some fascinating programs on China made possible through a special arrangement between ZDF and China's CCTV, as well as programs on various 20th-century topics such as GOERING - A CAREER, VERDUN - THE BIG BATTLE, THE BERLIN AIRLIFT, LINDBERGH'S SECRET, and BLACK SEPTEMBER - THE ATTACK ON THE 1972 MUNICH OLYMPICS. Science documentaries include MISSION TREETOP and THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL - a particularly timely program, with the World Cup championship just around the corner in 2006.

At the top of the wish list of ZDF Enterprises' program buyers in Cannes are top-of-the-line nature and wildlife films as well as documentaries about discoverers and inventors, stars and legends, visions and technology for a ZDF afternoon slot. For ZDF prime time programming, buyers are looking for suspense-packed feature films and TV movies.

Reflecting the distribution focus of ZDF Enterprises this fall is the merchandising emphasis on children's programs. License negotiations for Merchandising and New Media on the children's series SCOOTER: SECRET AGENT, RUDI AND TRUDI, DRAGON, BASIL BRUSH and WICKED SCIENCE are currently underway.


Founded in 1993, ZDF Enterprises GmbH is the wholly-owned subsidiary and commercial arm of ZDF German Television Network, one of Europe's largest and most respected broadcasters.
Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the development, production and global distribution of quality original programming. The company is also responsible for all programme acquisitions and international co-productions on behalf of the network, and acquires programming for world-wide distribution. Its vast programme library ranks as the largest in the German language. The extensive catalogue includes television movies and mini-series, drama series and comedies, documentaries, family entertainment and children's programming.
ZDF Enterprises also oversees all licensing and merchandising activities based on its high-profile programmes, including book and music publishing and the licensing of its programme properties in all key product categories.
Committed to the future, ZDF Enterprises has embarked on numerous New Media initiatives, ranging from opportunities within the burgeoning e-commerce industry to the creation of themed edutainment dimensions featuring the recognised programme brands with which ZDF has become synonymous.

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