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ZDF Enterprises announces many-faceted MIPCOM line-up

Mainz, October 9th, 2019

This year, ZDF Enterprises will again be present at MIPCOM with exciting, emotional and informative programmes.

The company’s brandnew live-action series for young adults, 'Heirs of the Night' (26 x 26’), was selected for a World Premiere Screening at MIPjunior (13 October at 5:45 at  the Grand Theatre of the JW Marriott Hotel). In 1898, a prophecy warns the five remaining vampire clans in Europe that they need to unite or else they will become extinct. Joining forces is easier said than done. The last decades the clans have been fighting each other in the clan-wars. Now the Elders will have to set aside their hostile feelings so their young Heirs can attend the vampire school that is created on the ship The Elisabetha. The Heirs will learn each other’s powers to become stronger than ever. They have to learn to trust each other and work together if they are to beat Dracula and save the world from eternal darkness.

In drama, ZDF Enterprises is introducing the breathtaking two-parter ‘Ottilie von Faber-Castell’ (2 x 90’), which is set in Germany towards the end of the 19th century and based on the true story of a young woman who inherits the famous pencil manufacturing empire. A story of an ambitious woman trying to keep her place in a world of men and finding true love - in a society which is not prepared for her yet.

‘Dead Still’ (6 x 50') is a period drama set in 1880s Ireland in the Victorian era heyday of ‘postmortem photography’. It follows a renowned memorial photographer as he investigates the murders of his recently deceased subjects. A macabre comedy about the strange adventures of Blennerhasset and Molloy, Dublin’s most famed memorial photographers.

The mini-series ‘The Wall’ (3 x 90' or 6 x 45') is set in Germany in 1987. Two sisters and their grown-up children find themselves on different sides of the political fence in a rapidly disintegrating East Germany. Margot is a major in the state security service (Stasi), Lotte is in the opposition. We meet the women in the chaotic years between 1987 and 1990 as they fight for their ideals. A third sister, believed drowned years before, turns up in the West with a secret to tell on the eve of the fall of the Wall.

From ZDF Enterprises‘ unscripted epartment comes ‘Great Inventions‘ (35 x 50‘),an exciting production of World Media Rights, Off the Fence, Doc.station and K22 Film for ZDF Enterprises. We live in a world that our ancestors would barely recognise. Around the globe, landscapes are re-formed, hostile environments tamed at speeds, depths and heights that would have left our forebears breathless. From the everyday to the spectacular, we have been to the moon, created imaginary worlds for fun, and to save lives — peered back billions of years to glimpse the origins of our universe. Even sent robots to explore the far reaches of the solar system. Driving all these achievements is humankind’s extraordinary gift for invention. In this series, we look at the successes and the failures, the brilliant ideas, and some ... well not so brilliant. This series celebrates the million ways our Great Inventions have transformed our world.

With breath-taking CGI, beautiful landscape footage and some of the world’s most important astronomical artefacts, ‘Ancient Skies’ (3 x 50’) looks at the cosmos through the eyes of our ancestors. We take a journey through past visions of the heavens from all over the world, from those of our earliest ancestors to the recent past. We’ll see the myriad of ways that we have observed and imagined the heavens, and explain the science behind the things our ancestors sought to explain through mythology. Produced by Impossible Factual in association with PBS and ZDF Enterprises.

‘Lost Kings of Bioko‘ (1 x 50‘)  is produced by Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm in association with NDR, WDR, ARTE, ORF, SVT and SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL. Off the coast of Central Africa lies an isolated island, covered by primeval rainforest and surrounded by dark ocean waters, inhabited by a greater variety of species than nearly any other place on Earth this terra incognita is called BIOKO. The ruler of this realm is one of the world's least known primate species, the drill. This film explores the secret lives of these, including the nesting grounds of various sea turtles and the rugged caldera.

Fred Burcksen, President and CEO of ZDF Enterprises: “Our objective for MIPCOM is to offer our clients successful programs; the strengthening of existing customer relationships; the acquisition of new partners and, of course, the successful launch of our new titles through first sales. We have many excellent new programs in our catalogue and we are proud to present them in Cannes.“


About ZDF Enterprises

ZDF Enterprises was founded in 1993 as a private subsidiary of ZDF, one of the largest and most renowned television broadcasters in Europe. Headquartered in Mainz, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for global distribution, international co-productions and licence purchasing, as well as the merchandising of strong programme brands in their own name, for ZDF and for third parties. ZDF Enterprises has successfully established itself as an independent market player on the national and international stage. In a strong alliance, the company has the largest German-speaking programme library worldwide as well as an ever-growing inventory of international productions, comprising series and mini-series, TV films, documentaries and children’s programmes. Over the course of its development and diversification process to date, the ZDF Enterprises Group has developed numerous business areas in TV and media, meaning that today, ZDF Enterprises has the means to offer a comprehensive, full service covering every step in the process of creation and utilisation of successful TV productions, from development and production to the marketing of TV licences, merchandising, online rights and much more.

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