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ZDF Enterprises and KiKA to coproduce 3D animation series INSECTIBLES (52 x 11’ HD)

Cannes, 13th October 2014

ZDF Enterprises and  German free-to-air children’s channel KiKA have signed a deal for the coproduction of the 3D animated TV Series Insectibles (52 x 11’ HD), produced by One Animation.

Insectibles is a CGI animated adventure comedy produced in 3D and Full HD for children aged 6 to 9 years. The series follows the adventures of a young boy - Zak, a crazy old man -  Gramps, and three bio-mechanically enhanced insects as they search to find pieces of the ‘Shrinkinator’ - the crazy invention that shrunk our heroes before exploding during a failed testing phase. Can they find the missing pieces and fix the Shrinkinator, all the while evading the clutches of a maniacal Mosquito, her devious daughter and a whole host of evil underlings? Zak has managed to find the adventure of a lifetime, literally in his own back yard!

Commenting on the deals, Sashim Parmanand, CEO of One Animation, said: "At One Animation we strive to create endearing story lines and beautifully designed characters.  We know these things are integral to ZDF Enterprises’ and KiKA’s objectives, so we're delighted that Insectibles has found a home with them.”

Sebastian Debertin, Head of Fiction, Acquisition & Co-Production at KiKA: “Insectibles takes place in a “micro” world full of “macro” fun, adventure and laughter! We are truly happy to join in as co-producer for this remarkable program that surely will quickly conquer the hearts of our KiKA-audience – and audiences worldwide!”

Arne Lohmann, VP ZDFE.junior at ZDF Enterprises: “The entire team at One Animation has provided extraordinary creativity with this innovative series. We delighted to be the German partner in the distribution of this remarkable series”.


About One Animation

One Animation PTE Ltd is a Singapore-based CGI animation production company. It is a privately funded company with additional financial support provided by the Media Development Authority, a leading development agency of the government of Singapore. One Animation’s business development and funding structure ensures it is able to take projects from development through to completion.  Since its inception in 2008 the company has produced self- and co-owned IP that has captured the attention of key broadcasters and kids globally. The company has produced top rated shows on networks such as Disney Junior, Discovery Kids and ABC, across 60+ countries. Staffed by a team of international award winning creative talent, its focus is to push the boundaries of CGI technology to develop the highest quality, family-focused TV, film and new media content. Notable current team credits include Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Rango, Happy Feet, Ice Age 2, and Spiderman.  A full list is available on

Press Enquiries:

Mark Casey (+44 (0) 7780 821 981, and  Rebecca Stiasny (+44 (0)7771 813 761,


About KiKA                                                                                            

Headquartered in Erfurt, the children’s channel of ARD and ZDF has been providing young viewers from 3 to 13 years since 1997 with a high-quality, creative full program perfectly designed for its target group. Learning, information, the conveying of values and media competency are just as much a part of the public-law broadcaster’s mandate as entertainment and fun. And there is no advertising on KiKA! Placing great emphasis on variety, the channel offers programs in every genre: feature films, animated and live-action series, information broadcasts, news, documentaries, comedies, shows, magazines, talk and quiz formats. From KiKANiNCHEN for media beginners to the children’s news “logo! Die Welt und ich” for older youths, the programming caters to the needs of every age group and reflects this in an up-to-date fashion online at The KiKA program can be watched every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m..

Contact KiKA

Der Kinderkanal von ARD und ZDF, Gothaer Str. 36, 99094 Erfurt, Telefon: +49 361.218-1827, Telefax: +49 361.218 1831,,


About ZDF Enterprises
ZDF Enterprises was founded in 1993 as a commercial subsidiary of ZDF, one of the largest and most renowned TV broadcasters in Europe. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for the worldwide sale of programs, the making of international coproductions, the acquisition of licenses as well as the merchandising of strong program brands in its own name, for the ZDF, and for third parties. ZDF Enterprises has successfully established itself as an independent market player on the German and international stage. Bound into a strong group, the company manages the largest German-language stock of programs in the world and, next to this, a continuously growing portfolio of international productions consisting of series and miniseries, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programs. In the course of the development and diversification process carried out up to now, many business fields in the television and media domains were made accessible in the ZDF Enterprises group. Thus ZDF Enterprises can provide a comprehensive, full-service offering today, and covers every step in the chain of origin and exploitation of successful TV programs, from development to production and up to the marketing of TV licenses, merchandising rights, online rights and much more.

Contact ZDF Enterprises
Christine Denilauler (Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications), ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1, D-55127 Mainz/Germany, Tel.: +49 6131-9911130, Fax: +49 6131-9912130, e-mail:,


Christine Denilauler

Christine Denilauler

Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications

+49 (0) 6131 / 991–1130
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ZDF Enterprises GmbH
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55127 Mainz | Germany


Sebastian Debertin (Leiter Fiktion, Akquisition und Koproduktion, KIKA), Sashim Parmanand (Geschäftsführerin One Animation), Richard Thomas (Kreativdirector One Animation), Arne Lohmann (Leitung ZDFE.junior, ZDF Enterprises).