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ZDF Enterprises and Fuji TV announce key creative team for soccer drama series THE WINDOW

Shooting for thrilling prime time drama series to start in the UK next week

MIPCOM, Cannes, 14th October 2019

ZDF Enterprises and Japanese Fuji TV are pleased to announce both the key creative team and the shooting start of their suspenseful 10 x 45’ drama series THE WINDOW.

THE WINDOW has been developed and produced by Berlin-based production company Boogie Entertainment and is coproduced by Japanese Fuji TV, ZDF Enterprises and Velvet Films in Belgium. ZDF Enterprises and Fuji TV will also internationally distribute the series. The shooting of the series is scheduled to begin in the UK next week, with locations in Belgium and Malta to follow.

The series creator and writer James Payne (The Musketeers, Hooten & the Lady, Mr. Selfridge) is now joined by writers Chris Gill (The Hive, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks) and Mark Greig (Bulletproof, Ransom, No Offence).

BAFTA award-winning British director and actor Adrian Shergold (Mad Dogs, The Last Hangman, Holding On) will be the series director with Grimme Prize-nominee Claudia Garde (Tatort, Milberg, Stubbe) and Pieter van Hees (Waste Land, Chausée d’amour, Versailles) acting as directors.

Actor Mel Raido (Dark Encounter, Just Getting Started, The Disappointments Room) plays Romulus, Tommy Bastow (Agatha Raisin, The Crossing, Man in an Orange Shirt) will take on Keiran’s part and stage actor Samuel Jordan  (Henry Jekyll, Arthur, Romeo and Juliet) will play the part of Jordan. Lynn Van Royen (24 Hours - Two Sides of Crime, Tabula Rasa, The Team) as Esther, Jodie Tyack (Agatha Raisin, The Feed, Inspector Barnaby) as Molly and Carole Weyers (Grey’s Anatomy, Navy CIS, Modern Family) as Kirsten.

THE WINDOW is a one hour prime time drama series with a strong thriller element that takes an inside look at elite professional football and the business that surrounds it. Focusing on an ensemble cast of players, agents, club owners,  administrators and journalists, the series explores the off-field machinations of the beautiful game.

The series begins at the end of the English soccer season. The champions have been crowned, relegated teams drop down a division, and the transfer window opens... Across ten episodes THE WINDOW charts ten tense weeks in the life of Jordan Burdett, a humble 17 year old Wunderkind who finds himself on the wish list of every major club in Europe.

What starts out as a tug of war over a young lad’s first professional contract becomes entwined with a bigger, darker, criminal conspiracy. With multi-billion dollar broadcasting rights up for auction soccer’s money men are set on a collision course with the game’s governing bodies.

Fred Burcksen, President and CEO of ZDF Enterprises: “THE WINDOW is an original and innovative view on sports TV series,  that takes an inside look at the elite world of professional football and the dealings behind the scenes of this multi-billion Euros business. The series goes behind the scene and highlights both the strengths of football as a worldwide sport and its weaknesses. We are extremely proud and honoured to be partnering with Fuji TV on this first ever European-Japanese scripted co-production.”

Toru Ora, Senior Executive Managing Director of Fuji Television Network, Inc. added:  “A research company reported here last year that more than 10,000 drama series were released worldwide every single year. The fundamental question for us is how can we create new stories that will be noticed, connect with our audience, move them emotionally and give them joy among these 10,000 works. Our solution is the co-production of a large-scale drama series with ZDF Enterprises from Germany. We thought up the idea here in Cannes three years ago, and we will start to film next week in UK. We are extremely proud of the fresh new challenges ahead.


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