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TRUE TO NATURE enters co-development partnership with ZDF Enterprises and VOLCANO 24 is first joint production

Bristol and Mainz, March 1st, 2018

UK Production Company, TRUE TO NATURE, founded by Ex Head of the BBC Natural History Unit, Dr. Wendy Darke, has entered a co-development partnership on a number of projects with ZDF Enterprises’ factual department, headed up by Ralf Rueckauer; VP ZDFE.unscripted.

The first project to go into production is VOLCANO 24, a 1 x 60’ with ZDF, Thirteen Productions LLC for PBS Nature, and ARTE. Executive Producer, Wendy Darke said: "The big idea at the heart of this story, is that every day on our planet 30 volcanoes erupt in a violent display of power and we discover that without them life wouldn’t exist at all”.

The narrative will follow a day in the life of the people and animals that live alongside Earth’s active volcanoes. Starting at sunrise, we journey around our planet and immerse ourselves in their world and build towards a new perspective on volcanoes: rather than simply being destructive they create the land that we live on and are the life givers of our planet. From Hawaii, via Central America to Europe and beyond, we come to learn that without them, we wouldn’t exist at all. 

Ralf Rueckauer, VP ZDFE.unscripted at ZDF Enterprises: "This is the first cooperation with Wendy Darke’s new company and this makes it something very special. We are very proud and honoured to be working with her and to be able to benefit from her enormous experience gathered from her time as Head of the BBC Natural History Unit”. 

Fred Kaufman,  Executive Producer for Nature,  added: "VOLCANO 24 is an innovative approach to natural history filmmaking and will capture the imagination of our audience with stunning and surprising images.”

Wendy Darke: "I couldn’t wish for a more talented, experienced and dedicated international team of creatives to work alongside to realise the ambition of this film as we capture new stories around the world of life flourishing in the shadows of active volcanoes”.


TRUE TO NATURE is a Bristol-based Independent Production Company founded by Dr Wendy Darke, former Head of the BBC Natural History Unit.  We specialise in innovative, world-class natural history content and TV production using great story telling to build lifelong relationships between people and the natural world.At TRUE TO NATURE we have a culture where talented people are valued, supported and trusted to collaborate and do their best work.We encourage, grow and develop high-performing teams to take creative risks, resulting in ground-breaking new formats and innovative production techniques.We pride ourselves on building longstanding relationships with our commissioners and stakeholders, to ensure that together we deliver outstanding never-seen content and stories with the highest factual integrity and production values for all audiences in the UK and worldwide. The natural world is at the heart of what we do, and we are passionate about being a voice for nature.

Wendy Darke, TRUE TO NATURE Limited, Films @59, 59 Cotham Hill, Bristol BS6 6JR, United Kingdom,, +44 (0) 7711 913 201

Location: Broadcast Prost Production Award: 2018


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