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Production completed on four brand new documentaries from ZDF Enterprises

Mainz, September 2th, 2021

ZDF Enterprises are adding four new captivating productions to their unscripted catalogue this autumn. Legendary Heroes (3 x 60’ HD), The Year that Rocked the World (5 x 50’), Rescued Chimpanzees of The Congo with Jane Goodall (5 x 50’) and Underworld (5 x 50’) have all completed filming this month.

Ralf Rueckauer, Vice President ZDFE.unscripted, ZDF Enterprises, said: “From history, science and wildlife to exploring mythical legends, our factual slate will be enriched by these exciting titles. High production values and excellent storytelling bring to life the range of topics covered by the documentaries, offering great entertainment for audiences globally.” 

Legendary Heroes, from ZDF’s renowned Terra X documentary slot, was filmed in nine countries across Europe. Produced by NFP Media Rights with ARTE as co-producer, the three-part series looks at fantastical stories that have enthralled humanity for centuries, seeking their origin and whether any truth exists behind the legends. 

The series begins with King Arthur, a literary invention of the 12th century. Likely inspired by a British ruler from the late antique period, the 4th and 5th centuries when Roman rule was coming to an end and the country was divided into numerous kingdoms. Leading the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders, the romantic legend of King Arthur has been a subject of fascination ever since. The magnificent finds excavated in Cornwall in 2018 has given scientists cause to believe the ruins of Tintagel might be the long lost castle of this British hero.

Dragons, dwarves, treasure, love, revenge and acts of heroism all figure in the tale of Siegfried and the Nibelungen. The story dates back to the late antique period and eventually appeared in writing as a poem in the High Middle Ages. A turbulent time when Germanic Tribes, the Romans and the Huns were all vying with one another for the legacy of the Roman Empire. Against this backdrop, the song of the Nibelungen was performed to a courtly audience of the Holy Roman Empire. The mystery is who were the Nibelungen?

The final episode examines the well-known biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood. Is this myth simply plagiarism mirroring the much older Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh or is there some truth that a momentous flood was caused by an undersea earthquake, a meteorite or a volcano?

The Year that Rocked the World celebrates iconic and extraordinary global moments from politics, cinema, crime, celebrity, sports, disasters, science, inventions, music and the arts — landmark events in the course of one year that profoundly shaped the world we know today. Combining archive footage, engaging interviews from well-known faces to pop hits of that time, the series captures the essence of five different breakthrough years.  

1977 saw the debut of both Star Wars and Concorde as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee while 1981 features the wedding of the century as Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer. The collapse of the Berlin Wall and students revolting in Tiananmen Square in 1989 along with major events in 1997 and 2004 all had a powerful impact on society. The Year that Rocked the World was produced by Off the Fence for CuriosityStream in association with ZDF Enterprises and

Rescued Chimpanzees of The Congo with Jane Goodall, filmed over 30 years, is a groundbreaking series revealing Jane Goodall’s journey to create the largest chimp sanctuary in Africa. Following the rehabilitation of a cast of orphaned chimpanzees from recovery to eventually living in a wild environment, the sanctuary is challenged daily on a whole range of issues from malnutrition to disease and paralysis. The wildlife series was produced by Off the Fence Productions with the support of the Jane Goodall Institute for Curiosity Stream in association with ZDF Enterprises

A visually spectacular cave exploration series employing pioneering 3D technology, Underworld was filmed in five international locations. From the final refuges of the Neanderthals in the caves of Gibraltar to the largest caverns on Earth in China, these underground adventures will build a detailed picture of a unique world hidden beneath our feet. Underworld was produced by Off The Fence for Curiosity Stream in co-production with ZDF Enterprises and Youku, in association with Wingsight.


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