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Premium Tween Ballet Series FIND ME IN PARIS to Stream Exclusively on Hulu

Mainz, June 28, 2017

Cottonwood Media, ZDF and ZDF Enterprises are proud to announce a major new deal with leading American streaming service Hulu for FIND ME IN PARIS, a premium tween half hour drama series featuring a time-traveling ballerina. Hulu has acquired the exclusive U.S. streaming rights, joining an A-list global network of broadcasters including France Télévisions (France), Disney (France and Italy), ZDF (Germany), ABC (Australia), and VRT (Belgium).

David Michel, President of Cottonwood Media commented, “We are delighted to start a new relationship with Hulu which has been so original and distinctive in its programming choices. We are confident that FIND ME IN PARIS will be a part of Hulu’s explosive growth in the SVOD industry, while also finding the perfect place to connect with and inspire American kids.”

Arne Lohmann, VP ZDFE.junior at ZDF Enterprises adds, “We have been very successful with our teenage live action series on international VoD services, also with dance and ballet-related productions, such as DANCE ACADEMY. Therefore we are convinced that FIND ME IN PARIS will enjoy the same popularity with Hulu’s audiences.”

Nicole Keeb, Head of International Co-productions and Acquisitions of ZDF, stated, “We are very excited to be part of this excellent project! We were looking for a ballet show which differs from existing dancing shows, for a long time. FIND ME IN PARIS has that special twist thanks to the time-travel element. It will be exciting and romantic, a perfect mix.”

In a TV series first, FIND ME IN PARIS will take place against the backdrop, and with the participation, of the world-renowned Garnier Opera House in Paris. Featuring mainly ballet as well as hip hop, the cast will work with both the choreographers from the Garnier, and a world-renowned hip hop collective, ensuring that the dance sequences – central to the heart of the show – will be both authentic and of extremely high standards.

The creators and Executive Producers of FIND ME IN PARIS are Jill Girling and Lori Mather-Welch, creators of Nickelodeon’s hit series Let it Ride. The show is produced by industry veterans David Michel, Zoé Carrera Allaix, Cecile Lauritano and Pascal Breton, along with line producer Leila Smith. The show is being distributed by Cottonwood Media’s sister company Federation Kids & Family and ZDF Enterprises.

FIND ME IN PARIS centers on Lena Grisky, a young dancer (and Princess) poised to become the next young star of the ballet world in 1905. When her boyfriend Henri gives her an old family necklace, it changes everything. How could he know that it was going to send Lena hurling into the twenty first century?! While a frantic Henri does everything he can to find a way to bring her home, Lena does her best to fit into her new world, and even finds herself enjoying it, loving the fashion, the music, and all the new styles of dance. She makes new friends, including her handsome dance partner Max, who also runs an underground hip hop dance crew.  Lena has no idea what Henri’s going through to bring her home. And he’s not the only one after her – a trio of rogue misfits called the Time Collectors are hot on her trail and after her timepiece. When Henri arrives to take her home and Max asks her to stay, Lena has to make a decision that will alter the course of her life. What life will she choose?


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A subsidiary of Federation Entertainment, Cottonwood Media was created by David Michel, Zoé Carrera & Cécile Lauritano, Cottonwood Media creates, produces and invests in premium, talent-driven content with a focus on bringing together North American and European audiences, on both linear and non-linear platforms. In 2015 Cottonwood Media partnered with Federation Entertainment to form Federation Kids & Family, a global distribution division which distributes original content from both companies as well as third party acquisitions. With offices in Los Angeles and Paris, Cottonwood Media currently has four series and one feature film in development. 


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