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Premiere dates and exclusive stills from TV4/C More’s major new venture, Agatha Christie’s Hjerson

ZDF Enterprises to handle distribution ex-Scandinavia

June 17th, 2021

The major new TV4/C More venture Agatha Christie’s Hjerson will premiere on C More on August 16, with linear broadcasting on TV4 beginning August 24. Agatha Christie’s Hjerson is a playful and thrilling whodunnit with a contemporary meta twist. Johan Rheborg stars in the leading role as detective Sven Hjerson, and his sidekick Klara Sandberg is played by Hanna Alström. ZDF Enterprises is in charge of the distribution outside of Scandinavian territories.

“We had a lot of fun during filming and it’s been fascinating to step into Agatha Christie’s world,” said Johan Rheborg. “I hope we've managed to present an original crime investigator and I really look forward to seeing how it all turned out.”

Never before has a spin-off character from Agatha Christie’s literary universe been adapted into a television series. This is now happening for the first time ever in a BR•F production, conducted in close collaboration with Agatha Christie Ltd, and commissioned by TV4/C More. Agatha Christie’s Hjerson recently made a big splash at Cannes, where it received the prestigious MIPDrama’s Coup de Coeur.

Agatha Christie created Ariadne Oliver, a mystery crime writer who Christie herself admitted to sharing certain similarities with. Ariadne, in turn, has her own master detective: Scandinavian sleuth Sven Hjerson, who loves crudités and cold winter swims and is an absolute ace at solving murder mysteries. The role of Sven Hjerson is played by none other than Johan Rheborg.

Former investigator Sven Hjerson has solved some of the toughest cases in Swedish crime history. Now retired from the limelight, living on the fringes of society, his life mainly consists of daily routines, a vegan diet, vinyl record collecting and an unhealthy appetite for gossip.

Klara Sandberg is a reality TV producer living with her partner Niklas and their daughter Olivia. Her career has stagnated and she is looking for something new – is this really all that life has to offer? When she manages to successfully pitch the idea for a new TV show starring Hjerson, it could just be the solution to all of her problems. There’s just one snag – she’s never actually met Sven Hjerson...

The role of Klara Sandberg is played by Hanna Alström, acclaimed for her roles in numerous films and television series, including SameblodKingsman: The Secret Service, and Ted – In the Name of Love.

In addition to Johan Rheborg and Hanna Alström in the leading roles, the cast also includes a starring lineup of other actors who appear in various roles throughout the series, including David Fukamachi Regnfors, Alida Moberg, Peter Kanerva, Björn Andrésen, Evelyn Mok, Roshi Hoss, Peter Eggers, Livia Millhagen, Niklas Engdahl, Bengt Braskered, Sanna Sundqvist, Jonas Malmsjö, Shiham Surafa and Joel Spira.

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson unfolds around four classic whodunnit murder mysteries and will air as both a film series of four 88-minute movies and as a television series of eight 44-minute episodes in August/September 2021.

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson will premiere on C More on Monday, August 16, with two new episodes released every week. It will begin airing on TV4 on August 23, with new episodes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson was produced by Patrik Andersson and Ulf Synnerholm at BR•F for TV4/C More, in co-production with ZDF, Nadcon and the Government of Åland, and in close collaboration with ZDF Enterprises and Agatha Christie Ltd. The series was produced with support from Nordisk Film & TV fond. Agatha Christie’s Sven Hjerson was created and developed by Patrik Gyllström at BR•F and was written by Patrik Gyllström, Björn PaqualinJakob BeckmanMartin Luuk and Aron Levander. It was directed by Lisa James Larsson and Lisa Farzaneh.


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BR•F’s productions have won numerous awards over the years, including both Emmys and European Film Awards, and have been shown at the Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance and Toronto film festivals. Notable productions include Midsommar, I am Greta, Goliath, Before We Die, Euphoria and Kung Fury 2.   

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About Agatha Christie Limited

Agatha Christie Limited (ACL) has been managing the literary and media rights to Agatha Christie's works around the world since 1955. Collaborating with the very best talents in film, television, publishing, stage and on digital platforms ACL ensures that Christie’s work continues to reach new audiences in innovative ways and to the highest standard. The company is managed by Christie’s great grandson James Prichard.

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