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MIPDoc Co-Production Pitch Finalists Unveiled

Six Projects to go Before International Panel

Paris and Mainz, 2nd April 2015

MIPDoc today announces the six finalists of the 2015 MIPDoc Co-production Pitch, chosen with the event’s sponsor, ZDF Enterprises.

Organised by Reed MIDEM, MIPDoc runs from April 11 - 12, ahead of the MIPTV global content market set for April 13 - 16 in Cannes, and features two days of major keynotes, conferences, screenings, and networking events. The MIPDoc Pitch competition sees commissioning editors and buyers from around the world come together to meet with the many producers in Cannes looking for co-production partners. This year's competitors will have an unprecedented opportunity to present their new projects to ZDF Enterprises, the commercial arm of the German public broadcaster ZDF and one of the key players in the factual and documentary sector.

The MIPDOC Pitch finalists will present their projects live on Saturday 11 April to an international jury made up of: Peter Arens, Managing Director Culture, History and Science, ZDF (Germany); Sally Habbershaw, VP International Programming, Production and Operations, A+E (USA); Chris Hoelzl, VP Program Development, Smithsonian Networks (USA); Coraline Roch, Commissioning Editor, France Télévisions (France); Ralf Rueckauer, Vice President ZDFE.factual, ZDF Enterprises (Germany) and Carlyn Staudt, SVP Global Programming & Acquisitions, National Geographic Channels International (USA).

The six finalists are:

    Presented by Alec HERRMANN, Head of Acquisitions for the Home Video Department, ARTE France, France & Fabrice PAPILLON, Producer, Scientifilms, France

    Human consciousness, unique in the living world, has remained a mystery for thousands of years. But today, recent scientific progress from medical imagery to quantum physics is starting to shed light on its true nature. “I think therefore I am.” But who is doing the thinking inside of us? Who are we? This film takes us on a journey beyond our brains.

    Presented by Alexandra BÖHM, Producer, Autentic, Germany

    “Children of Dictators” is the brand-new documentary from award-winning Hungarian directors Eszter Cseke and Andras S. Takacs. It presents some of the most influential dictators of the 20th century from Africa to South America through the eyes of their children and other relatives. The film brings a rarely seen personal perspective on history, and offers a deeper understanding of the most feared leaders in the world.

    Presented by David HOOPER, Managing Director, Espresso TV, UK

    War changes the world. It shifts the social and political landscape, moving national boundaries and forging new nations. It’s the catalyst for major breakthroughs in medical science, engineering and technology. Each episode will focus on a single technological advance or breakthrough – the stories of the men and woman who served on the frontline.

    Presented by Ruth CHAO GARCÍA, General Manager, Intuitive Productions, Spain, and Alphonse DE LA PUENTE, General Manager, Somadrome, Spain

    The development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the 1990s transformed neuroscience. Soon, we will have solutions for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, paralysis, etc. But this is not all. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has managed to implant the first memories in a mouse. We can now imagine a post-human future. The scientific key to that resides in the "Conectome", launched by the US Government in April 2013, which consists of mapping our neural network.

    Presented by Eric VERNIERE, Producer, MONA LISA Production, France

    The most important expedition ever in West Papua New Guinea, led by a crack team of adventure scientists. It will take you into the unique ecosystem of the Lengguru mountains and ocean reef, discovering new species and encountering animals that have evolved in a unique way over millions of years.

    Presented by Bertrand LOYER, President/Producer, SAINT THOMAS PRODUCTIONS, France

    The nightmare described in “Gravity” is a reality: fragments of rockets or satellites in orbit around the Earth pose a constant threat to our space installations. What can we do to clean up our space mess? Throughout the world, engineers have been coming up with more and more inventive schemes to clear space of trash and test their inventions.


MIPTV is the world’s biggest TV and digital content market powering the unlimited potential of extraordinary stories. In April, professionals from across the TV and digital entertainment ecosystem gather in Cannes, France, to forge partnerships, seal distribution deals, network with their international executive peers, and attend high-level conferences and keynotes. MIPTV is also a key venue for early-stage development and financing deals, content acquisitions and programme sales. And with the MIP Digital Fronts - the premier global digital content market - empowering the new digital content era and bringing together the new online video ecosystem with the TV industry, MIPTV anticipates and shapes the future of entertainment.

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