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International co-production team announces shooting start of AGATHA CHRISTIE’S SVEN HJERSON

Mainz, December 18th, 2020

TV4/CMore and co-production partners ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Agatha Christie Ltd and NADCON Film have today announced the shooting start of a new series project. AGATHA CHRISTIE’S SVEN HJERSON is produced by BR•F, producers Patrik Andersson and Ulf Synnerholm, with support from Nordisk Film & TV Fund.

AGATHA CHRISTIE’S SVEN HJERSON is the world’s first ever official Agatha Christie character spin-off. There have been countless adaptations of Agatha Christie’s novels and stories over the years, but here for the first time we have an entirely new production set within the fictional universe created by the mistress of suspense. Hjerson is the fictional detective of Christie’s fictional author Ariadne Oliver – who Christie herself admitted contained a ‘strong dash’ of herself. Never before has Sven Hjerson been committed to the screen. The show’s contemporary Nordic setting centers around Hjerson, with original stories and characters inspired by Agatha Christie’s vast body of work. Christie remains the world’s number one best-selling author. 

The series (4x88’ and 8x44’) revolves around four specific murder mysteries/whodunits. It will be wrapped up by April 2021.

AGATHA CHRISTIE’S SVEN HJERSON is a modern, playful whodunit with a twinkle in the eye. We follow Agatha Christie’s character Sven Hjerson (Johan Rheborg) in a contemporary Nordic setting of  Stockholm and the islands of Åland, as he solves murder mysteries together with TV-producer Klara Sandberg (Hanna Alström).

Former criminal investigator Sven Hjerson has cracked some of the most infamous cases in Swedish criminal history. A star of his own right, yet nowadays a recluse, living his life in solitude and far away from the lime-light. Klara Sandberg is a TV-producer. After having dedicated her life to producing trash reality TV-shows, she is starting to realize that there has to be more to life than this. Living happily yet tediously with her boyfriend Niklas and her daughter Olivia, she feels her life and career is at a stand-still. She is dying for new and unexpected adventures in her life and in the moment she realizes that she is at a crucial turning point in her life, she goes for gold. She dedicates herself to finding and befriending Sven Hjerson. Together they should solve crimes and lay out the puzzles in order to point their fingers on who actually did the deed, The problem is, the two have never met. Yet rumours are, that Sven Hjerson loves a good gossip!

AGATHA CHRISTIE’S SVEN HJERSON  is created and developed by Patrik Gyllström at BR•F and is written by Patrik Gyllström, Björn Paqualin, Jakob Beckman, Martin Luuk and Aron Levander. The series is is directed by Lisa James Larsson and Lisa Farzaneh.

“Getting an opportunity to turn parts of Agatha Christies literary universe into a tv series is such a privilege. It is a great challenge and I am very proud of us having been entrusted with this project, something which has never been done in the world of television before. With an amazing team both behind and in front of the camera we are going to create a contemporary whodunit. In times like these I believe that we need to be entertained and seek escapism in things part recognizable, part innovative more than ever, the classic whodunit in a brand new way!,” says Josefine Tengblad, Head of Drama, TV4/C More.

Frank Seyberth, Head of Coproduction International Fiction, ZDF, adds: “ZDF is stunned to be partnering on this exciting new show. It is unique as well as universal due to the combination of the vital DNA of the Agatha Christie universe with a very contemporary Scandinavian appeal. In that sense, we are very delighted by our fruitful relationship with TV4/Cmore and b*reel. We are sure that the audience will fall in love with the great cast and enjoy this missing link of modern crime very much.”

Robert Franke, Vice President ZDFE.drama at ZDF Enterprises: “Developing and producing the story of Sven Hjerson  for television is an exciting project for all partners involved. We are extremely proud to once again work with the same skilled “drama dream team” and to have this series in our sales catalogue.”

Developed and created by concept creator Patrik Gyllström at BR•F and written by Patrik Gyllström, Björn Paqualin, Jakob Beckman and Martin Luuk, the series is directed by Lisa James Larsson and Lisa Farzaneh.

ZDF Enterprises will be responsible for the worldwide distribution outside Scandivania.


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Sven Hjerson (Johan Rheborg)
Frank Seyberth, Head of Coproduction International Fiction, ZDF,
Robert Franke, Vice President ZDFE.drama, ZDF Enterprises
Josefine Tengblad, Head of Drama, TV4/C More