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DAF renews cooperation with ZDF Enterprises

Kulmbach / Mainz,  January 13th, 2015

DAF and ZDF Enterprises continue their successful cooperation. Since 2013 ZDF Enterprises has been delivering a number of high quality documentaries to the German free to air broadcaster DAF and its Austrian subsidiary DAF Austria.

2015/2016 DAF will be focusing on mystery, suspense, science and action. „Chasing UFOs“ and „UFO Hunters“ guarantee suspense and good entertainment. Reports about unknown flying objects have been accumulating for years. Both series are getting to the bottom of these phenomena.

The new DAF series „Known Universe“ and „How the earth was made“ discuss the life of our solar system and wonders if there is life on other planets. With the help of complex analytical methods known scientists decode the mystery of earth's history and try to discover how the blue planet will develop.

„License to drill“ brings excitement to DAF. Two teams are drilling thousands of meters into the deep – at 70 degrees below zero. In „Salvage Code Red“ DAF accompanies rescue teams on their risky missions on sea. In a nerve-wrecking race against time, action forces risk their lives to rescue ships and their crews from distress.

But also favorite series like „Mafia's Greatest Hits“, „Myth Hunters“ and „Ground Breakers“ will remain on DAF. FBI agents tell the stories of the perfidious and seemingly perfect murders of the mob; Scientists solve the myth of Noah's ark and go in search of the famous Amber Room; And: „Ground Breakers“ report on the lives and careers of famous personalities like Microsoft founder Bill Gates or multi millionaire Richard Branson.

Also the „Alaska State Troopers“ return after a successful year on DAF. The reality documentary follow officers on their daily assignments. They fight against poaching, catch burglars and chase fugitive muderers through ice and snow.

„Our viewers can count on good entertainment  in 2015/2016. We are pleased to have a strong partner with ZDF Enterprises on our side“, says DAF's CEO Prof. Dr. Conrad Heberling. „Our viewers will still be provided with well researched and up to date economic and stock market news during the day. DAF Austria will complete the world news portion with „Blickpunkt 5“. The mutual primetime offers entertainment and information in the evening, because we are DAF – Knowledge pays of.“

Ralf Rückauer, Vice President ZDFE.factual at ZDF Enterprises, is also very pleased about cooperating with DAF for a third year in a row: „We are very proud to be working again with Prof. Dr. Conrad Heberling, Christine Völkel and their team for DAF's primetime. International documentaries have become part of DAF's offer for their viewers – and together we keep growing“.

Also DAF's new founded subsidary DAF Austria will benefit from DAF's program. Since October 2014 DAF Austria reports on the most important stories from economy and politics in Austria and the world. An exciting primetime will complete the program perfectly. DAF's and DAF Austria's viewers will not only be well informed, but also well entertained with its high quality infotainment.


About DAF:
DAF is a free to air German broadcaster which focused on stock market, economy and world news during the daytime. In the evening DAF shows high quality documentaries. 
 DAF airs via ASTRA digital as well as several cable networks and via IPTV by Deutsche Telekom. The program can also be received by DAF's app for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 8. In addition to that live stream is available on 

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About ZDF Enterprises:
ZDF Enterprises was founded in the year 1993 as a 100% private subsidiary of ZDF, one of the biggest and most renowned television broadcasters in Europe. On behalf of ZDF, ZDF Enterprises is responsible for worldwide program sales, the implementation of international coproductions, license purchasing for quality programs, marketing online rights and the merchandising of strong ZDF program brands. In addition to its commercial activities for ZDF, ZDF Enterprises has also been able to establish itself successfully as an independent market player in both national and international environments. As part of a powerful Group, the company has at its disposal the largest German-language program collection in the world, consisting of series and mini-series, TV movies, documentaries and children’s programs. During the course of the process of development and diversification to date, it has been possible to incorporate a large number of business activities within the television and media industry within the ZDF Enterprises Group. Consequently, today ZDF Enterprises can offer a comprehensive, full-service offer that covers every step in the process of creation and utilisation of successful TV productions, from material development in all genres to production and then on to the marketing of television licenses, merchandising, online rights and much more. A decisive factor in this successful development has been our team of highly-motivated, experienced and committed staff, who strive with dedication and enthusiasm to ensure that our commercial activities lead to a positive result for all partners involved.

Contact ZDF Enterprises:
Christine Denilauler (Bereichsleiterin Marketing und Unternehmenskommunikation), ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Erich-Dombrowski-Str. 1, D-55127 Mainz/Germany, Tel.: +49 6131-9911130, Fax: +49 6131-9912130, e-mail:,


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