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ZDFE.unscripted factual’s full-service offer covers every step in the exploitation chain of successful TV productions, from the genesis and content development to production, and from the sales of TV licenses to merchandising rights, online rights and much more.

The multifaceted programs we sell and distribute range from biographies of prominent personalities and appealing nature documentaries to solidly researched contemporary-history series and exciting “factual series” made by internationally renowned documentary producers – you’ll find everything you need for every audience and every time slot! Next to stand-alone programs and miniseries, you’ll find comprehensive, long-running series on the most varied subjects. 

Another major sphere of activity as established co-producers and co-financers with many years of international experience lies in developing, identifying and initiating top-quality programs and exciting new concepts that interest partners in Germany and abroad, as well as the brokering and negotiation of coproduction projects.

In the Licensing & Merchandising sector, ZDF Enterprises – as the ZDF’s exclusive agent – oversees all the activities concerning the top-notch ZDF program brand world as well as the highlights from the ZDFE portfolio. ZDF Enterprises is a strong and competent partner for license holders in all product categories and markets within Germany and around the world. Working in close cooperation with its clients, ZDF Enterprises develops tailor-made and innovative merchandising concepts. Our program brands stand for credibility, quality, competence, high viewer acceptance and popularity. 

If you’re looking for moving images for your own productions, ZDF Enterprises offers you access to a premium-quality moving-picture archive containing about two million short films from over 300,000 program hours in all genres. You can also obtain licenses of superior quality for exciting excerpts to use in your productions in the field of ZDFE.unscripted factual as well. 

Finally, through our premium short-film service contunico, media professionals looking for a quick and economical way to produce, enhance or expand their products through audiovisual means will also find what they need here. contunico delivers solidly researched short films from ZDF’s extensive archives and other sources. The topics in this collection of high-caliber, self-contained short films range from history and current events to culture, science, health, travel, nutrition, entertainment and much more.


Ralf Rueckauer

Ralf Rueckauer

Vice President ZDFE.unscripted

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