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World Media Rights Ltd.

World Media Rights Ltd. is a producer of informational programs in the UK. Founded in 2007, the company now delivers informational TV programs to more than 55 countries worldwide, its programs regularly broadcast on channels and platforms such as Discovery (in Europe and the US), CCTV in China, Netflix, Planete, ZDF, Foxtel, Mediaset and UKTV. ZDF Enterprises has held a minority stake in the production company since 2017, the first investment in the UK for ZDF Enterprises.

World Media Rights Ltd. produces informational entertainment and drama reconstruction television programs for a variety of international broadcasters, including Reelz, American Heroes Channel and Netflix. Successful US cable program licenses include Black Ops, Air Crash Confidential and Myth Hunters.

ZDFE Share: 
36.1 %
Year of Foundation: 
Shareholder since 2017
General Management: 
Alan Griffiths