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The Magic of the WildSplendour in the Yukon - Kluane National Park

In the documentary, the north beckons. Pure, uninhabited and, for many visitors, with its almost endless lonely wilderness still full of secrets. In 1972, the Kluane National Park was founded in the southwestern Yukon, an area almost as large as Belgium, with spectacular natural phenomena such as Mt. Logan, Canada's highest mountain at 5,959 m and the world's largest non-polar glacier field. Breathtaking, how big ice chunks are loosening and fall into the sea with a roar... From a ship, the glacier field looks like a huge wall of icebergs and from ashore, the "cold magic" of the ice fields, which reach into infinity, fascinates. Far away from civilisation, a dream has come true for Emma from Northern Germany. She works on behalf of the Canadian parks at a lonely little place called Haines Junction. A settlement where the road simply ends.

Thor, Holger and Emma: Germans who no longer want to miss the feeling of vastness in nature: What moves them - and other German-Canadian scientists and rangers - in their everyday life out here, in the icy north, in the wild west? How do they experience and shape the current role of the great national parks?

For one year, the German-Canadian ZDF team accompanied these heroes in the wild beauty of Canada - from the melting of the snow in spring, through the intense Indian summer, to the onset of winter.



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