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The Magic of the WildAlaska's Majesty - Denali National Park

For the ZDF documentary, a camera team travelled to the spectacular Denali National Park several times during the year. Behind the scenes of the park, the filmmakers were able to accompany people who dedicate their lives to nature, who work or research in Denali, or who come here to enjoy it - rangers, scientists, adventurers.

It takes every viewer's breath away. Visible from afar, the Denali rises out of the Alaska Range at almost 6200 meters. The highest mountain in North America is the eponym for one of the most spectacular national parks in the world. President Barack Obama has just given the huge peak back its original name: Mount McKinley became Denali again, which in the language of the Athabasque Indians means "the high one".

More than 100 years ago, the idea of national parks was born in America's West. At that time, one billion people lived on earth and the parks invited them to enjoy the beauty of creation. Today, with over 7 billion people on earth, the role of the parks is changing. The filmmakers accompany one year behind the scenes of Denali NP and ask about the future of the big parks.  And they meet people who want to preserve the creation of nature for a new millennium and its challenges.


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