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Eating out in…

"Eating out in..." is a documentary series about Europe's regional cuisines. You get to know foreign countries when you're traveling, especially foreign cuisine whether it is served in small local pubs or in stylish restaurants frequented by the more affluent. At least, that is what most people think and say. But by dining out, you'll never get in touch with the real thing - unique, authentic dishes, regional und national delicacies, recipes which have been passed down within families for centuries. Have you ever had the pleasure of eating a roasted lamb spiced with fresh herbs and prepared on a charcoal grill in a shepherd's backyard? Or a farmers chicken, stewed in beer, wine and crème fraîche as the Belgians make it? If you have ever tried these, you know what authentic dishes smell and taste like!

Our authors visit farmers, shepherds, fishermen and local cooks. Our teams are on the spot during harvest and afterwards, when regional products are prepared by house-wives and, finally, eaten by the whole family. We look into the pots and ovens of traditional kitchens in which simple, seasonal fresh ingredients are used to produce delicious dishes. Not just cooking, but a particular way of living mirrored in a region's dishes. Your viewers shall dream of these culinary delights and long for the impressive, authentic landscapes in which they are served. They will not be able to resist such visual scents.

"Eating out in" explores regional cuisines, portrays landscapes and small villages which tourists seldom visit and makes its viewers familiar with hitherto unknown regions. The series does not display artificial preparation rituals. Instead, cooking becomes a pleasure within the overall cultural context.


1) Sardina – in the land of lamb and myrtle
2) Andalusia – in the land of olives
3) Bohemia – in the land of dumplings and carp
4) Walloon region (Belgium) – in the land of beer and crème fraîche
5) Algarve (Portugal) – in the land of fish dishes
6) Ukrain – in the land of borscht
7) Balaton region (Hungary) – in the land of goulash
8) Swabia – in the land of asparagus
9) Besse (France) – in the land of Poulet de Bresse
10) Northern Portland (Lithuania) – in the land of mushroom and dishes
11) Scotland
12) Normandy (France)
13) Lombardy (Italy)
14) Peloponnese (Greece)
15) Norway
16) Brandenburg
17) Tunisea
18) Serbia
19) Sweden
20) Lithuania
21) Styria
22) Swiss
23) Spain. The Basque Region
24) The Erzgebirge (Saxony)
25) Basilicata
26) Southwest France – Tarn et Garonne
27) The Turkish Black Sea Coast
28) Wales
29) The Wachau
30) Corsica
31) The Abruzzen
32) Estonia
33) The Black Forest.


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