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The series Metropolis  takes us to the very heart of urban life in antiquity and in the 15th century.

The first season describes how mighty metropolises of antiquity evolved in the Mediterranean area from a scattering of settlements.  Athens, Alexandria, Carthage, Rome - not one city is like the next. Each developed in its own characteristic fashion, each uniquely marked by its geographical location, its cultural environment, and the prevailing historical circumstances. The documentaries examine a crucial step in the history of civilization and culture: Mankind has advanced to a settled lifestyle, allowing him to organize large social alliances which extend far beyond family and clan. The consequences are critical changes in all facets of life; providing for these cities and city-states now becomes the overriding focus.

The three films of season two take the viewer back in time to Constantinople, Venice and Paris during a stimulating, mystifying era - the 15th century. But what makes them unusually engrossing is the "tour guide" who leads us through his city: a real-life historical personality and celebrity who presents the many facets of "his" city with vitality and deep understanding. Films that compellingly interweave re-enactments, reconstructions, computer animation and on-location shooting!

Computer animation and lavishly staged scenes allow us to spotlight the past centers of culture, religion and power in all their splendor. We experience the everyday life of the common people, encounter invention and innovation, drink in the joy and constraints of life. Making everyday life of former times come alive and real, portraying how people congregated and lived together in these centers of power, that is the underlying objective behind the series.

1. Athens  - The Cradle of Democracy
2. Alexandria - The City of Sciences
3. Carthage - City of Seafarers
4. Rome - The Hub of Power




4 × 50′
Produced by
Tangramfilm Lea und Lorenz Bauer in association with PIXCOM International, ZDF, and Discovery Networks International
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