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History of Weapons

Since the very beginning of human existence, weapons have been produced and used to kill. Bloody conquests and dreadful crimes are committed by the means of weapons. But freedom fighters, anti-terror units, liberators — all depend on the use of weapons. The ‘History of Weapons’ is much more than a technical investigation. It uncovers the connection between the development of a new military device and the aftermath of its usage — dynamics that shaped several millennia of human fate.

The 10-episode documentary series History of Weapons tells the story of weaponry that took leading roles in the major battles of history. It reveals the developments of arms that often improved the technical progression of its times. It also investigates men’s desperate attempts to tame the destructive power of ever new instruments of war.

1. Ranged Weapons
2. Attack from Above
3. Close Combat
4. Weapons for all
5. Faster than the Enemy
6. The Power of Destruction
7. War at Sea
8. The Ambush
9. Deadly Inventions
10. Civilians on the Battlefield