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The Famous FiveFive on a Treasure Island (eps. 2)

The childrens' excitement is short-lived, however, when their attempts to open the box disturb QUENTIN who, in a fury, confiscates the box. They manage to steal it back and discover hidden inside a false bottom a map of the dungeons under the castle on the island. Sure enough it appears to give directions to the hidden treasure. Unfortunately, the box has already aroused QUENTIN's interest, he has already been talking to journalists about the old wreck, the reappearance of which has been reported in the newspapers. The reports have caught the attention of two shady characters from the antiques world: CARTER and PHIL buy the box from QUENTIN and quickly afterwards make him a generous offer to buy the island itself. A huge row ensues: aside from the fact that the Five do not trust CARTER and PHIL, GEORGE takes the view that AUNT FRANCES gave her the island and that it is wrong of her to take it back. However, the family is short of funds, QUENTIN's experiments do not pay the bills and frankly they need the money. JULIAN, DICK and ANNE manage to calm down the stubborn GEORGE, and they take their boat over to the island in their search for the hidden gold. Sure enough the map leads them to the treasure: but they are too late...


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