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The Elephant PrincessSeason 2

With its unique mix of teen-centered drama, music, humor, magic, friendship and CGI, the first season of "The Elephant Princess" hit the mark with its target tween and teen audience! In the second season, more cool music, along with more sophisticated special effects, exciting new stunts and engaging new characters add to the show's appeal.

For 17-year-old Alex, life couldn't be better. Having mastered the art of ruling a magical kingdom AND getting her homework done, Alex finally has everything under control. She and her best friend Amanda have been accepted into a prestigious music program at a new school. And thanks to a great new drummer, Taylor, they're on a fast track to pop fame!

But danger looms, and Alex's status as Princess of the kingdom of Manjipoor is threatened by the return of the witch Diva. And this time, she is not alone. She has recruited the darkly handsome Caleb and his sister Zamira to help her uncover the forbidden evil of Dark Magic and overthrow the Princess.

Alex falls for Caleb, and as their relationship develops, Caleb is torn between the promise he made to Diva and his feelings for Alex. Diva's quest relies on The Book, which details all the secrets of Dark Magic. But Alex isn't about to give it up. She brings it back to her "normal" world and does her best to protect it.

In an attempt to protect those he loves most, Caleb reads The Book and gains Dark Magic powers. They give him unrivalled abilities, but also trigger a process that will prove too dangerous for him to handle. Caleb is torn between his new evil powers and his profound love for Alex, which plunges him into a turbulent inner battle. Which emotions will ultimately win out?

As the threat of Dark Magic grows more powerful, Alex finds that her good magic is no match for it, and realizes that Manjipoor is no longer safe. She must now fight to defeat Dark Magic before the barrier between the two worlds ruptures. Suddenly, the fate of both worlds rests on Alex's shoulders…


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