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Scooter – Secret AgentDestiny (eps. 1)

Scooter Carpenter has a unique ability to cause major disasters wherever he goes. He is a klutz and also a pizza delivery boy but only because his best friend Melanie’s father, Attilio, owns the pizza shop. 

But when Scooter witnesses the disappearance of Secret Agent X-19, his life is irrevocably changed.

Unaware that X-19’s communications device is now in the hands of a sixteen year old, Agency chief, Taipan, sends out the details of her next, top-secret mission.  Suddenly, Scooter sees an opportunity to prove to himself that he’s not the under-achiever that everyone thinks he is. 

No longer will he be a simple pizza delivery boy, with a unique ability for causing chaos. He is now a Secret Agent - with a unique ability for causing chaos.  

The mission the Agency sets is to retrieve the world’s most valuable stamp.

The Agency dispatches a strange gadget for the mission; it’s a heel of a shoe.  Melanie’s friend, Katrina, who is a genius with all things mechanical, works out that the heel is rocket propelled, enabling the wearer to fly.

Scooter tracks down the stolen stamp to the bad guys that he saw when X-19 disappeared: Mackenna, Fridge and Ratborough.  Scooter’s combination of optimism, clumsiness and self-confidence, combined with a lot of good luck, results in him successfully retrieving the stamp. Never mind the minor complication of destroying an entire warehouse full of fireworks. 

With this success, Scooter firmly believes that he is now a Secret Agent.  Something big has a hold of him now – his destiny.


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