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Scooter – Secret Agent

He is the scourge of international criminals, the nemesis of evil-doers everywhere. He's a man of mystery, a super snoop. He's Secret Agent X-19, the greatest sleuth the world has ever seen. Or so everyone thinks...

In reality his name is Scooter and doesn't really know what he wants to be, but it sure isn't a pizza delivery boy. However, even though he's full of enthusiasm and blind optimism, it's the only job he is able to get and only because his best friend Melanie's father Atillio owns the Pizza Shop. In Melanie's father's eyes, Scooter is a klutz. He is a walking disaster hone - everything he touches falls over, blows up or is somehow destroyed. It is amazing that the scooter he uses to deliver pizzas has so-far remained intact. Scooter is always trying Atillio's patience. Melanie - his best friend - is 15 and patient with Scooter's theory that he is the destined for greatness; maybe she is completely smitten by him - but she would never admit that. Especially not to her father and her smug little brother, Mario.