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Mister Twister

"Mister Twister" is a live-action programme for the whole family based on the popular children’s books series telling the adventures of the highly likeable teacher Mister Twister. "Mister Twister" is creative, light-hearted, encourages team spirit and uses universal humour.

The main character is Casey Brown, a substitute teacher who is still learning the ropes and goes by the nickname Mister Twister. While he seems a bit shy at first, he always finds a creative way to live up to his responsibilities. His class loves his imaginative and fun way of teaching. But Mrs Dreus, the stern principal who seems to have an obsession with rules and regulations, does not. She’s constantly got her eye keenly fixed on Mister Twister, so he and the kids must find ways to work around her. Thankfully, whenever Mister Twister’s special way of dealing with things gets him in trouble with Mrs Dreus, the kids of class 6 b always help him to save the day.

The feature film "Mister Twister at the Pitch" is also available.


  • New
48 × 26′
2 × 75′
  • B2B
Produced by
Leendert de Ridder, Sanne Wallis de Vries, Raymonde de Kuyper, Diewertje Dir and many more
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