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H2O – Just Add Water

Until “H2O – Just Add Water”, mermaids belonged to the realm of fantasy and fairy tale. But ever since three Australian girls found out that they were genuine mermaids, the teen world has never been the same again! The live-action adventures of our three mermaids have travelled all over the world and found millions of devoted fans everywhere! Now they are back: totally remastered in HD.

When venturing onto the mysterious island of Mako on a full-moon night, Emma, Cleo and Rikki end up trapped in a cavern concealing a pool of water. As they enter it, the light from the full moon starts the magic. They soon realize that they have become mermaids. And what’s more: they've got magical powers!

Sold in over 160 territories worldwide, the award-winning series stands out for its sensational special effects and spectacular underwater photography.


78 × 26′
3 × 90′
  • B2B
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  • Kids Choice Award 2008: 'Best TV Drama Show'
  • AFI Award 2008: Best Visual Effects
  • Logie Award 2009: Most Outstanding Children's Program
  • AACTA Award 2012: Best Children's Television Series


  • Kids Choice Award 2007: 'Best TV Show'
  • Logie Award 2007: Most Outstanding Children's Program
  • Logie Award 2008: Most Outstanding Children's Program
  • AFI (Australien Film Institute) Award 2008: Best Children's Television Drama, Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama, Best Guest of Supporting Actress in a Television Drama
  • Kids Choice Award 2009: 'Best Drama Show'