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Scream Street

“Scream Street” is a brand new funny, scary, gross-out stop-motion series, based on the hit book series of the same name, following Luke Watson: a regular teen … apart from the werewolf gene!

Luke’s a smart, funny kid with a taste for adventure. He makes friends easily but he struggles to keep them because Luke is also a werewolf. All teenagers lose their temper from time to time, but when Luke does it he turns into a hairy monster with claws and fangs. After yet another incident, Luke’s non-werewolf parents make a big brave decision and move to Scream Street for the sake of their son.

Scream Street is a secret safe haven for so-called monsters. It’s a small gothic looking town where vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies, banshees, skeletons, witches and other assorted ‘horrors’ can go about their business without being harassed and threatened by crazed so-called ‘normals’.

The stories are packed full of humour and horror delivered with warmth and heart — even if some of those hearts have stopped beating!