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Rudi & TrudiOh, What A Knight! (eps. 4)

Rudi and Trudi are flying happily in the sky when something sparkling distracts Rudi. Off he zooms, dropping Trudi along the way. Trudi falls through a castle window, while Rudi collides into Sir Grumpy on the ground and accidentally wedging the good knight’s metal helmet tight onto his head. Sir Grumpy and his fellow knights had been about to decide who would become King by competing to see who could pull a sword from a stone. Before they could get started, Rudi pulls the sword out himself in order to remove Sir Grumpy’s helmet. In doing so, Rudi becomes King.

Meanwhile, Trudi befriends the Knights of The Small Table: Sir Greedy, Sir Cowardly, Sir Smelly and Sir Silly. Rudi arrives as King, much to Trudi’s dismay, as she tells him: ‘being King isn’t just ordering people about you know!’ King Rudi then proudly leads everyone on a quest to find the Magic Ruby; that is, until they have to travel through the haunted forest. Eventually through Rudi and Trudi’s determination everyone realises that the forest isn’t actually haunted.

When they finally reach the Magic Ruby, they find it being guarded by a fearsome dragon. But the knights aren’t keen to fight the fire-breathing dragon. Working as a team, Rudi and Trudi defeat the dragon and retrieve the Ruby. Everyone is happily surprised, that the Ruby really does have magical powers. The knights transform and Sir Grumpy becomes Sir Happy, Sir Silly becomes Sir Clever, Sir Cowardly becomes Sir Brave. Rudi, however, likes himself just the way he was, so he hands over the title of King to Sir Happy and he and Trudi fly merrily along their way.


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