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Rudi & Trudi Jungle Gang (eps. 12)

A gust of wind blows Rudi and Trudi off course. The "gust" turns out to be three birds flying through the sky at super top speed. In the distance Rudi and Trudi spy a tropical jungle island and decide to go and visit. They meet up with the three speeding birds who introduce themselves as Red, Blue and Yeller. Although Trudi thinks the birds are a bunch of show-offs, Rudi thinks they are fantastic and decides to show them his own flying repertoire. Unfortunately he cannot carry Trudi at the same time and she is left to her own devises. The group are impressed by Rudi's flying prowess, but Blue suspects that his rank in the gang is under threat and decides that Rudi should be given another test, in this case to test his bravery by diving from a high branch in to a pool below. Rudi passes the test with flying colours and joins the gang who are booked to give a flying display at the big party later on.

Trudi meanwhile is following a butterfly but mistakenly disturbs a large Puma who is not at all happy and chases Trudi off the edge of a mountain. Rudi spots Trudi and gives up his chance to join the display in order to help his friend. He uses his new found diving skills to bring them both to safety. They both decide that the jungle is much too dangerous and head off for their next adventure.


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