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Pettson and FindusBig and Little

Sometimes life is hard for little cats, at least Findus thinks so. It seems to him that big old men get to do lots of fun things that little cats can’t do. Pettson gets to make pancakes and also eat lots more of them than Findus. When he tries to eat as many as he’d like, his stomach is just too small.

When night descends Pettson gets to sleep in a lovely big bed, but Findus has to sleep in a small cot, when really he would like a big bed too. Life for Findus just seems so unfair. Just as he is drifting off to sleep he sees a shooting star and makes a wish.

In the morning something seems different when Findus wakes up, suddenly his cot is very small and it collapses from beneath him! He stands up and realises he has become big like Pettson! He can’t believe it. He rushes to find Pettson, but he isn’t there. When he sits down on the bed he hears a sound. Pettson is under the covers  - but he’s small! Findus’ wish has come true, now he’s big and Pettson is small. Now Findus is planning to have some fun.

It’s Pettson’s birthday and Gustavsson and Elsa are coming to visit, so Findus has to bake a cake. Unfortunately this doesn’t prove as easy or as much fun as Findus thought it would be. Finally he manages to get it in the oven, but there’s no time to relax, he also has to fix the henhouse roof that’s leaking. Things go from bad to worse. Findus falls through the roof and when they go back to the farmhouse the cake has burnt!

Gustavsson and Elsa arrive for the birthday party but they have to be persuaded to leave again without so much as a cup of coffee.

After an eventful day Findus decides to have a lie down. Being big just isn’t as much fun as he imagined because he has to do so much work. Maybe being small wasn’t really so bad. He drifts off to sleep and wakes up to Pettson calling his name. As he opens his eyes he sees Pettson. He’s big – and Findus is small again! Maybe today will be fun after all.


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TV Loonland AG
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