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Igam OgamSeason 2

Igam Ogam the little cave-girl who’s more curious than a Curiosaurus is back in a brand-new series of prehistoric adventures with her friends Roly the monkey, Doggie the lickisaurus, Birdie the know-it-all pterodactyl, Triple Tog the sabre-toothed tiger and Big Daddy the T-Rex! You can’t stop evolution and now there are new creatures on Igam Ogam’s topsy-turvy planet. There’s Finian the fish who wants to play on land even though he belongs in water, a prima donna Primrose wants to upstage Igam Ogam with her singing and some greedy ants who end up in Roly’s pants! There are new locations too; a tree-house that Igam Ogam built, a roundabout that directs traffic in the underground slidey-ride and an elevator tree. It saves on climbing! Once again each fun-filled episode is based around a simple phrase like Kiss it Better or Tell me a Story that takes Igam Ogam and her friends old and new through stop-motion slapstick adventures for pre-school cave-boys and girls. Animated in Ireland’s new stop-motion studio Beochan for Five, S4C, TG4 and ZDF Enterprises.