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Figaro PhoSeason 1 – Fear of Boredom (eps. 7)

Figaro has a rare moment of peace and quiet and with nothing to do an immense boredom kicks in. Initially he tries to solve his boredom by irritating his loyal friend Rivet, picking his nose and studying his earwax. Figaro’s behaviour becomes more and more absurd, yet fails to put a dent in his boredom. In fact, it only makes him yawn. Mid yawn he notices a portrait of Cousin Eugene, who yawned his head in half, and realises he’s in grave danger. Unless excitement comes thick and fast, inevitable doom through boredom lies at the door. Figaro creates an elaborate rollercoaster ride with features so wild and exciting it should solve his boredom once and for all. Needless to say things don’t go to plan for the phobic Pho.